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In case you missed out my profile, I’m Fie, a Malaysian who is currently in Cambodia for a 9-5 job (yup that’s the story of my life). My favorite days of the week is the weekend where I get to explore my neighborhood here to check out new local establishments and join any local activities.

Travel Chameleon aims to inspire people to see the world before we all get a little bit older. This travel blog is for those who has a sense of restlessness, curiosity and adventure (yay)! It’s more about enjoying your Weekend Break, Road Trips, Comfortable Stays or being a Food Hunter. Anyone who wants to enjoy something more than a budget travel, yet not too luxurious will be able to seek information and tips right here. 


There’s so many ways we can work together or for you to support this independent travel blog. Thinking about Advertising? Sponsorship? Inviting me for Reviews? Press Trips? All this and even a friendship needs a good contact point.



Some of Travel Chameleons’ involvement include the following. For other PR activities which I have taken part in, please click here.




This is a monthly segment where individuals or personalities from any background, are interviewed by Travel Chameleon (and sometimes by the the Twitter followers too) on questions about their unique travel lifestyle. This person will be featured on the main page for the month and the interview questions would either be done via email, face to face or even on video. The Travel Spotlight segment is opened to everyone as I hope it will inspire readers alike. If you’re up for a chat or interview, drop me an email and I’ll start writing those questions.


Travel Chameleon accepts blog posts from traveler bloggers and  people who are passionate about traveling. This is also a ‘paying it forward’ action as I have had the opportunity to have my stories published on other blogs. What goes around comes around as they say. If you are someone who shares the same passion, you can drop me an email for an opportunity as a guest blogger on Travel Chameleon with relevant and approved content of course. I would also love to have the same opportunity to be a guest blogger on your site! Email to


With 300,000 (and growing) page views and 7,000 unique readers a month, Travel Chameleon continues to write unique contents for readers everywhere, with the most popular category being Road Trips and the Weekend Break. If you are a brand (individual, companies or organizations) who encourages traveling to places around the world, contact me on how we can collaborate for unique content or event renting a space on my blog.


Besides the above, I am also opened to the following activities which is part of my experience since Travel Chameleon started. This could be an opportunity for us to work together for a targeted goal.

  • Road Trips
  • Reviews for hotels, food, travel related products, local events & happenings
  • Press trips for travel related product launches
  • Media familiarization trips
  • Social media campaign involvement
  • Conference
  • Travel Blogger meet-ups
  • CSR campaigns
  • Sponsorships
  • Others


The income I generate from the day job would half support the travel adventures while the other half comes from participating in affiliate programs for hotels or flight bookings, where I would receive minimal percentage from the sale price when you click on the recommended hotels and products. Your purchase through those links would help to support the website and other costs incurred and make me a happy girl forever.


I believe in giving back as much as I can, while traveling and working abroad. Since I’ve lived in Cambodia, I have made visits to Kampong Cham and the Muslim floating village area which needs a lot of help in terms of food or basic needs. There’s also many school children who require books, uniforms or bicycles since their schools are far away from home.

If you too, would like to share or contribute to the charity causes here, you can donate to my PayPal account below and the money will be used only for contribution purposes (to purchase books, clothes, food, or pass on the money to the charity groups here). I take nothing from this donation pot (karma will bite me you know). Once the donation is passed on, I’ll send you an email update on where the contribution went to. What’s important is that, you will be notified for transparency purposes.

Click on the link above to donate or contribute to the fund. Thank you! 


8 Responses to Work with me

  1. Bandana S says:

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design for yourself or your clients? Agencies like yours outsource a lot of work to me for a fixed monthly fee. My company doesn’t charge per project.

    I have a great portfolio which I would love to share with you, if this is something you are interested in.

    What kind of design work do you usually need on a regular basis?

  2. Kacie Jones says:


    Hope you are doing well..

    Being an avid blogger, I spend most of my waking hours online.
    During which I came across your blog,””which was both refreshing and enjoyable!
    I would love to write something for your blog. And it will be interesting for your readers if you would allow me to.Any title suggestion from your side is most welcome.

    Hoping to get positive response from you,Kindly consider my request.


  3. Sam Cohen says:

    Hello Admin,

    I am Sam; I own sites related to passport service, flights booking. I am associated with travel industry for last couple of years and like to contribute articles in several other travel sites and blogs. Recently I came across your website and would like to contribute one article for this.

    So kindly suggest your opinion on this, I would request to put a link to my website from my contributed article.

    Looking forward to your valued reply,



    • fienuts says:

      Hi Sam,

      Could you drop an email to ask.travelchameleon@gmail for further discussion.
      I would also like to know the link to your website.


  4. Nadia says:

    Dear Madam,

    Greetings from Summit Holidays!

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself as Nadia, Marketing Executive of Summit Holidays, a full-fledged travel agency offering an unlimited scope of professional travel services for tour packages and incentive travel specially designed and tailored to customers’ specific needs. We came across your travel blog and we are interested in working with you. We will be participating in MATTA Fair in September 2013 and we would like to propose you some suggestions on how we could make this collaboration happen; i.e., promoting Summit Holidays products on your travel blog in August 2013 and in return, we could offer you some benefits by collaborating with us.
    I would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss this further. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Office direct line: 03 – 6200 1827

    Nadia Nasran

  5. Hi,

    Greetings from AirAsia X.
    We would like to invite you for a media familiarization trip to Sydney on 23 May until 28 May.

    Should you be interested, kindly reply to my email asap as I will need to send you a media template for you to fill in asap as well 🙂


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