Where to Find the Best Luxury Villas on the Globe



Indonesia is an overwhelming array of cultures, cuisines, seascapes and landscapes unmatched anywhere else in the world. It consists of over 17 000 islands that speckle across the equator for over 5 000 kilometers. A third of these myriad islands are uninhabited, which make them ideal for exploration.

For ages, travelers have been unable to resist the alluring beauty of this mystical archipelago. Traders from as far as China sailed to the aromatic Spice Islands of Indonesia thousands of years ago, later the Europeans followed suit in the 16th century.

Bali and Lombok are the most popular of the Indonesian islands due to their beauty and cosmopolitan flair. Each island boasts of dreamy beaches, volcanic landscapes, charming culture and fabulous diving. The islands of Indonesia are ideal for the perfect luxury villa holidays in scenic locations like these. You can find beachfront villas with private pools, opulent furnishings and exotic décor. Villas such as Villa Aiko in Bali are located on a hillcrest offering fantastic views while others such as villa Alamanda are out of town offering peace and tranquility.


The Maldives is an archipelago that consists of stunning tiny coral islands ringed with luminous turquoise waters. It is an ultimate luxury holiday destination where travelers relax in remote palm fringed islands in total seclusion.

The Maldivians have used their geographical uniqueness to their advantage with international hotel chains increasingly establishing extravagant resorts in the atolls and making use of the sea. The resorts which each occupy a private island extend their establishments to the sea with fabulous over water villas that are synonymous with Maldives.

With hundreds of resorts each operating as its own kingdom, there is a wide array of villas to choose from either on the mainland or in the sea. The villas offer luxurious furnishings, infinity pools and privacy amidst beautiful settings. Unlike other destinations, there are no sites to visit and visitors can surrender to total relaxation sitting by the pool, underwater spa treatments and yoga. It is the perfect destination to get away from the rest of the world.




Greece is one of the most visited regions in Europe offering thousands of gorgeous islands, beaches, historical treasures and sun. Year after year, visitors are unable to resist the idyllic climate, beautiful landscapes and olive clad hill and delicious cuisine famous in Greek.

The best way to enjoy Greece at your own pace is by choosing to stay in a luxury villa either in the sleepy villages or along the stunning beaches. Luxury villa holidays in Greece gives you an opportunity to sample the Greece cuisine, interact with locals and enjoy privacy and comfort away from home.

There is a great selection of villas in the Greek Islands ranging from rustic rural property to modern beachfront villas. Some of the best destinations for luxury villa holidays include Corfu with its traditional charm, the vibrant Crete, Ithaca with its mountainous landscape and the scenic Epirus.



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