What the Cupcakes? – Wondermilk Publika


Wondermilk Publika and its’ delicious cupcakes.

I remembered going to Wondermilk for the first time about 6 years back. It was with my ex-colleague Weed who had asked me to join her to visit this little joint in Damansara Uptown and check out the cool stuff that they were selling. Before we had Etsy, local handmade crafts and design, there was Wondermilk. A group of independent designers who showcased their work in a humble shop lot for sale. They were also famous for their delicious cupcakes which wasn’t the rage yet at the time. The cupcakes were tiny but simply good and one was just not enough. 

The place then grew to become a cafe serving (yes!) cupcakes of all flavours and designs as well as other dishes. They expanded their product to not just selling the arts but to focus on making it a place for art related discussion or simply a cool place to chill out. I haven’t been to their cafe since that few years back and had wanted to go for quite some time. Dian invited me one day and just like that I got ready in 15 and was out the door to meet her in Publika. 

“Can’t make it to Wondermilk Publika?  Make your own designer cupcakes at home.  Visit The Kitchen Professor for recommendations on the best tools for the job.”

The Publika branch has a nice concept. 

For those who has never been to Publika, I must advice you to park your cars somewhere near the West gate where the entrance leads you straight to Wondermilk/MPH/Plan B and etc. I had actually parked my car here but when I entered the building I was so lost I had to call Dian a few times to find my bearing. The security guards couldn’t tell me the way to Wundermilk and the floor directory was nowhere friendly. Such a shame because Publika has so many interesting cafes and outlets that are very artsy fartsy. They should really look into that bit. If you do get lost, just enter one of the stores and ask them the way, they are super friendly and will show you the directions with a smile.

I finally found Wondermilk thanks to Dian. They’re really not like the typical cafes with an open door concept. There is a door where you need to push to open to enter the cafe which I think is pretty cute because it feels like you’re entering one those plush stores where you have to push the button to get invited in. The staff were very friendly and we were soon queuing up while glancing into the glass counters to choose our cupcakes. They have a wide range of good coffee and chocolate drinks too.

Everything here is just so artsy. Love those masks on the wall.

Everything here is just so artsy. Love those masks on the wall.

We had problems choosing the right cupcakes because everything just looked so good.

We had problems choosing the right cupcakes because everything just looked so good.


Loving the interior of the cafe too. 

I did mention that there were many cupcakes to choose from right? You just have to make a quick choice before you arrive at the cashier so that you won’t hold up the rest of the people behind you. I came here with Dian and also came back again with Mimi & Sue Yin after a wedding do. The seatings are also pretty funky because you can either choose to be secretive or have a private chat session with friends, business partners at one area. While the opposite area has window seats looking out to the Publika Shopping Gallery area. There’s nothing like having cupcakes and people watching right? There’s also a long picnic like table in the middle for groups of 4 or more. You can also sit outside where there’s cosy cushioned benches if it’s too cold inside. Either way you can have your food and the company of friends in a very nice ambience.

Everything here just spells Wondermilk. It's quirkiness & artsy-ness is in every corner of the cafe.

Everything here just spells Wondermilk. It’s quirkiness & artsy-ness is in every corner of the cafe.

It also makes you want to BAKE!

It also makes you want to BAKE!


Order something besides cupcakes.

I love the fact that there’s more selection to the menu besides just cupcakes and the first time I went out with Dian, I chose their homemade beef burger with cheese, salad and heft fries. The food came in a cute carton box and the bread covered in sesame seeds seemed so tantalizing. When I had my first bite, I was satisfied that it turned out to be tasty as well. To tell you the truth I had read reviews before this about their cafe and most of the people had recommended this burger. Of course I had to try it out for myself to see whether it was really good and the verdict? It was really really really really really GOOD!

I did get my fair share of cupcakes (twice!) and that’s because I can’t eat all three at one go. Every time I visit Wondermilk, I’d just try one because I was afraid I might be too greedy and order so many which will end up in the fridge, not eaten. I ate Superainbow twice the base is colourful with a dollop of cheese icing. The cheese wasn’t too cheesy and the cupcakes wasn’t sweet at all. I had also tried the cookies & cream which just melts in your mouth and also the Very Vanilla cupcakes which is just so vanilla-ish.

You know how some cupcakes are too cakey or a little hard? This has just the right texture and when you bite into it, the whole thing softens and melts inside your mouth. I kid you not. Try it and see whether you’ll get addicted to the cupcakes or just the place itself.

Their home made burger is just awesome x9999999999.

Their home made burger is just awesome x9999999999.

Meet Superainbow, Very Very Very Chocolate & Tiramisu You.

Meet Superainbow, Very Very Very Chocolate & Tiramisu You.



Where: Wondermilk Publika Shopping Gallery.7A & 8A Level G2 Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.
What Time: Daily from 9am – 10pm (except for Public Holidays)
URL: http://www.ilovewondermilk.com

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  1. Fie-Nuts says:

    HI Hannah,

    You can also find Wondermilk in other branches around KL but if you're nearby Publika, yes do check it out! 🙂

    Tell us which cupcake is your favourite!


  2. This place looks great – I'm definitely going to check it out on my next trip to Publika! Thanks for the tip off! 😉

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