33 Things I’ve Learned From Travelling

That’s how much I’ve aged until today and it has so far been a wild travel adventure ever since I stepped my tiny size 4 feet on a strange land. It has come to a point where I want to vomit all these things that I have learned throughout my travel journey which may (or may not) benefit you (my darling readers) as you step into your adventure. I recently shared 33 things I’ve learned from traveling on AsiaRooms.com and here are a few that made the list.

#1 Every place you go to has something different to offer every single time. I went to Singapore and queued in a very long line when the Night Safari just opened. A few years later, I came back and found myself in a very long queue once again to enter the newly opened Universal Studios Singapore.

#2 Indie cafes can be cheap… sometimes. I try to hit at least one or two independent cafes in a country because their coffees are normally cheaper and better, their menus are more niched and the ambience is often crazy cosy.

#3 You don’t need to be wealthy to see the world. I love how people assume I’m rich just because I travel quite often in a year. Haven’t they heard of budget traveling? The truth is anyone can travel if they research hard enough and save enough. Time to start cutting down on that expensive coffee.

#4 Always have a back-up plan. Delayed or cancelled flights, screwed up hotel bookings,, stepping off the wrong train station, stuck in a country with your last currency notes – those are some of the things that could possibly happen when traveling. So always have a Plan B to be able to continue your journey.

#5 The sky is heavenly to look at. Sunrise or sunset – it doesn’t matter! As long as I’m able to witness the spectacular sky go from blue to orange to complete darkness (or vice versa) in a foreign land, I am content.

The rest of the lessons learned from my travels can be read on AsiaRooms.com. 

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A Malaysian girl currently working abroad in Phnom Penh city. I love a good road trip, hot cappuccinos, spicy food and staring at old buildings. My mission is to inspire people to see the world differently before we all get any older. Oh and giraffes are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

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