VKirirom Pine Resort: Sleeping In The Mountain

vKirirom Pine Resort Surrounding


A resort in the mountain.

To escape from the heat of the city, we went for a trip up the mountains in Kirirom for the weekend to cool ourselves. We had to get away from the 36-38 degrees of weather for the sake of our mind and body. A lot of information about the area can be on VKirirom Pine Resort website such as transportation, accommodation, and activities.

What interests me is the fact that we could rent a luxury tent for glamping purposes or sleep in a normal tent at their camp site. Their options allows for solo travelers, couples, groups and families to enjoy the nature on their off days.


Waiting an hour for the van did not spoil our day. 

At first, we thought that we had gotten the timing mixed up but after calling the receptionist a few times, it turns out that the van had picked up another passenger before us, resulting in an hour wait. That was the only glitch of the day, so if you decide to use their shuttle van service, I would suggest calling the reception before you leave the house to confirm the time and pick-up venue.

Other tips to help make your travels to vKirirom Pine Resort:

  • Choose a date that does not clash with any school break.
  • Stay for at least 2 days/1 night to join the activity as soon as you’ve checked in.
  • Book your transport back to city when you check-in at the reception.
  • Bring enough money for food as only breakfast is included and there’s no ATM in the mountains.
  • It can get cold at night, therefore bring socks or light jacket to keep you warm.
  • Accommodation like camp site & luxury tent does not come with a door. Therefore keep your valuables with you at all times or put them in the safety box.
  • Wifi is available but since you’re here to soak in nature, forget about the connection and just enjoy the moment.
  • Bring a book since TV is not available in most of the rooms.
  • Some of the accommodations are not sound proof so if you prefer a more peaceful night, bring your earphones with you.


Which rooms to stay in?

I mentioned earlier that there is something in vKirirom Pine Resort for everyone, be it the camper or the modern day traveler. We stayed in the luxury tent which comes with a patio and a private bathroom (a better deal). Behind us was the Khmer Cottage and the camp site where big groups stay for team building purposes.

If you plan to go with your family, you can stay in one of the bungalows, pipe rooms or studio which are away from the camp site area. As for me, the luxury tent was a good choice as you still get to enjoy the sounds of nature in a comfortable ‘room’. The night however, was not too quiet as we could hear music blasting through the mountains from the mini concert at the camp site. The last note ended around 930pm which we were thankful for.

Kirirom - Khmer Cottage

Khmer Cottage accommodation in vKirirom Pine Resort.


Camping ground with available tents for rent in vKirirom Pine Resort.


Luxury Tent for the ‘Glampers’ in vKirirom Pine Resort.

Things to do in vKirirom Pine Resort.

There’s an activities office which has a map of the National Kirirom Park and a list of things that we could rent during our stay. This included paddle boarding, cycling, bubble soccer, frisbee, table tennis which is available upon booking.

vKirirom Pine Resort also offers half day sightseeing tour around the area, Khmer cooking class, jungle trekking and off road touring. You could also go for a dip in the nearby waterfalls or have a barbecue dinner with family or friends.


Enjoy the swimming pool in vKirirom Pine Resort.


vKirirom Pine Resort Restaurant

The vKirirom Pine Resort restaurant in the midst of nature.

Reasons to visit vKirirom Pine Resort

It’s a good place to stay, if you prefer some quiet time from the city. What I like about vKirirom Pine Resort are the lush, tall pine trees which can be seen everywhere. They stand, almost touching the sky, keeping us cool down below. The fact that there was no TV in the luxury tents, Khmer cottage or camp sites meant that they prefer for visitors to truly enjoy nature as this is what the resort stands for.

vKirirom Pine Resort Happy poster

Location Map:

Here’s how to reach the location: 

Name:  vKirirom Pine Resort
Address:  Preah Soramarith-Kosamak National Park (Kirirom), Phnom Srouch District
City:  Kampong Speu, Cambodia
Contact:  +855 78 777 343
Check-In Times:  2:00 pm
Check-Out Times:  12:00 pm

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