Viva la Mexico! Planning your 2015 Trip.

It is fair to say that no matter what type of holidaymaker or traveler you may be, there is bound to be something you’ll love about Mexico.

Intrepid traveler can explore the extensive flora and fauna, culture vultures have numerous historical highlights to uncover, party-goers can dance on the beautiful beaches while gourmands have the opportunity to sample the delicious cuisine. There are plenty of deals to be found over at First Choice. But whatever your reasons for visiting Mexico might be, here are some essential things to see and do as well as a few handy tips and hints for before you go.

Things to see and do.

1. Visit the archaeological sites.

Mexico is home to Chichen Itza, the remarkable Mayan city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. However, there are several other extraordinary and legendary sights too including Coba, El Tajín and Uxmal.

2. Relax and party by the beach.

Resorts like Cancun and Riviera Maya are known for their lush white-sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and lively party scenes. However, there are countless other pursuits to participate in here. Check out the wildlife in the huge eco parks nearby or marvel at the stunning coral while scuba diving.

3. Take in a carnival.

Featuring live music, constant dancing, flamboyant costumes and extravagant parades, Mexico knows how to throw a party and the country’s various carnivals should not be missed. The biggest and arguably best takes place in Veracruz and lasts nine days during March.

4. Sample the cuisine.

Although nearly every meal will come with a basket of hot tortillas, there are a number of differing and delicious dishes to sample as well. From Tamales and Quesadillas to Cabrito Asado and Cochinita Pibil, you’ll struggle to try it all.

Travel tips and hints

1. Think carefully about packing.

Several people assume that Mexico benefits from hot weather all the time, but high altitude locations such as Mexico City, Toluca and San Cristobal de las Casas can get quite chilly. So, alongside your shorts and sun cream, remember to pack some warmer garments too.

2. Stay healthy.

While medicines are often available without prescription, comprehensive health insurance is always advised. Water that isn’t bottled should be avoided, but in a pinch it can be boiled or sterilised before consumption. Also, outside of the major cities, hotels and resorts, milk tends to be unpasteurised.

3. Take advantage of local transport.

Extensive coach and bus services, which often have comfortable seats and on-board entertainment, link almost every town and city. Urban areas usually have good public transportation networks and affordable taxis are never far away either.

4. Stay safe.

Certain areas of Mexico do suffer from heightened levels of crime compared to others. Therefore, try and travel on toll roads only and if you have a hire car, avoid driving at night. Learning a few emergency phrases in Spanish can help in difficult situations too.

There is little doubt that Mexico has a myriad of attractions and activities on offer, just remember these handy tips and hints for the best time possible.

Put Mexico as part of your travel planning for 2015!

Put Mexico as part of your travel planning for 2015!

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