Visiting the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio in London


Watching Harry Potter movies since 2001. 

I first watched a Harry Potter movie when it came out in 2001. The scenes were magical and felt so real. My favorite was when he ran through the wall at Platform 9 3/4 and joined the others on the train to Hogwarts. We even bought a computer game which was a replication of the movie, and spent most nights playing it together at home. I was so hooked on Harry Potter! Until today, I can’t believe I saw all of them grow up on screen and in real life through this movie.

How to buy tickets & get there. 

The most important agenda when we were in London was to visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio. We even bought the tickets 2 months ahead for the whole family, just in case it gets all booked up by the time we were there. It’s also cheaper this way.

Here’s how we did it.

  • Go to the official Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour website and click on Buy Tickets.
  • Choose either individual/family tickets, and type in how many people will be going for the tour.
  • Choose a date and look out for the remarks at the bottom of the calendar (red means available).
  • Choose the time. The studio runs on schedule so that they can monitor the crowd movement inside the halls. We chose the evening time (4pm) so that we don’t have to rush with the office crowd.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the details, you’ll need to make the payment and voila, the tickets will be emailed to you. Print them out and bring it along to the Studio Tour on the visiting day.

Timing is important.

The Harry Potter Studio is located outside of London city, in Leavesden. This meant we had to manage our time visiting London in the morning and then leaving for Harry Potter after lunch. Since we were at the London Bridge area, we had to switch 2 trains before getting on one that headed to London Euston. Then we hopped on the train headed towards Watford Junction and took the Harry Potter bus from here. We arrived in front of the studio 15 minutes later.

Here’s the easier route to remember.

  • By train, take the one from London Euston to Watford Junction (2o mins journey). Check here for the map.
  • Once you’re out from the station, you’ll see a few Harry Potter bus waiting. The return ticket costs £2.50 and you can pay before you get on the bus.
  • Just make sure you arrive at Watford Junction at least 45 minutes before your tour time.


Here’s all the fun part of the Tour. 

We were given complimentary passport at the entrance which has clues to the location of the Golden Snitch. I love passport activities (I’m such a nerd I know), especially when I get to compete with my siblings. We get to keep this at the end of the tour too as souvenirs.

After that we entered the Great Hall of Hogwarts where Harry, Ron and Hermione joined the Houses in the school. It was grand indeed and we felt as though we were part of Hogwarts.

The rest of the tour took us through a display area where we saw Professor Snapes’ chamber, Dumbledores’ office, Hagrid’s hut, the potion class, the Weasley’s living room and other scenes from the movie. Each had an interactive element to it. We also found 3 Golden Snitches while we were walking about.

Once we left the hall, we walked into the train station and yes there it was, the red train that took Harry and his friends to Hogwarts. Platform 9 3/4 was there too, along with trolleys stuck to the wall. We got on the train and saw each booths which had props from the movie.

From the train station, we walked to a dim lighted area, which felt like night time. This was Diagon Alley where Hagrid bought all the school supplies for Harry Potter before school began. We could only see the shops from outside and it looked so real.

We took a break at the Back Lot where Butter Beer drinks and ice cream were served. It’s not actual beer, don’t worry. This cafe area led us to the outdoor, to Harry’s house on Privet Drive, the Night Bus and the Hogwarts Bridge.

The end of the tour featured the sets, costume and a large model of Hogwarts. We saw the making of the characters and how they moved during the movie. It was technical but educational. Don’t forget to also visit the souvenir shop where you can find all sorts of Harry Potter items to bring home. I went overboard with the notebooks while my sister bought herself a wand. Some things are too good to resist!


Harry Potter complimentary passports for visitors.

Starting the tour with a passport.


The entrance to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.


Taking a sneak peak at the Gryffindors common room.


Entering Professor Dumbledores office.


Looking out for Hagrid in his hut.


Watching Professor Snape teaching his potions class.


A scene from one of the Harry Potter movies. Can you tell which one was this from?


Visiting the Weasleys’ home.


The long queue aboard Hogwarts Express train.


Inside Hogwarts Express train.


Taking a break at the cafe for Butter Beer and visiting Privet Drive.


Lets fly to Hogwarts!


Diagon Alley filled with shops selling candies, wands and potions.


A large model of Hogwarts on display.


Choosing our wand at the shop.


Understanding the technical parts or behind-the-scenes of the Harry Potter movies.


Tips on visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour. 

It was such a good visit and worth every cent. I would highly recommend visiting this one in London since it’s more organized and less crowded during non-peak season. If you plan on going here some day, just remember these tips:

  • Book your ticket in advance, online.
  • Plan your time (at least 2 hours ahead) before you visit the Studio.
  • You can bring some snacks or eat at the cafe.
  • Enjoy the whole tour and take lots of photos!
  • Don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop and bring home goodies from the movie.


*Year of visit: April 2015

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  1. Brad Pitt says:

    Impressive post.Pictures are amazing.I would defiantly going to plan my vacation to this destination.Thanks for the idea as well as for the post.

  2. Arisa says:

    Always wanted to visit this place, do hope I get to do so someday! Must visit place for all Harry Potter fans

  3. Going to London next year and will definitely visit this place! One of the reasons, me being a fan of HP! I need to get myself a wand or two

  4. bbxemily says:

    omg!!! it’s so real!!! i wished i could visit too!!!

  5. this is so beautiful and you are just so lucky to be able to go there… It is so on my bucket list but maybe I can only visit the one in Universal Studio Osaka… huhuhu….

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Miera,

      Don’t worry, I heard from friends that the one in Universal Studio Osaka is good as well, maybe bigger too! I hope you get to visit one day and enjoy it just like I did.


  6. Ivy Kam says:

    I’m big fans of Harry Potter, wish to be there one day 🙂

  7. Wow, this reminds me of the harry potter series and wish I could be here too.

  8. Sharon Lee says:

    OMGG thanks for sharing this place! I am a big fan of harry potter =D Would love to visit this place!!

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    wow…i wish i can travel there!!

  10. Liyana says:

    I am not a fan fan of harry potter, but I did watch it and having to see it in real life must be an amazing memory for a lifetime..

    • fienuts says:

      It is an experience worth remembering Liyana.
      There’s plenty of things to see and try (like the Butterbeer drink-non alcoholic).

  11. Rawlins GLAM says:

    This is another place I want to visit before I kick the bucket!
    Thank you for sharing the tips – gonna need it soon.

  12. Rane Chin says:

    ah this is interesting! Am a Harry Potter fans too. will visit if I happen to visit UK again

  13. Emily says:

    I’m not a fan of Harry Potter although I did watch a movie or two. However, this is one experience I would definitely not miss, should I find myself in London. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  14. Isaac Tan says:

    i didn’t even know about this until you shared it here.. superb!

  15. Shini Lola says:

    How I wish I will visit here someday.
    My friends just back from there. =D

  16. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing this amazing Harry Potter studio in London! I must pay a visit there one day!!

  17. Oh wow! This must be once in a life time kind of experience! I would really love to plan for a trip to London with my kids when they are old enough to appreciate these kind of experience. 🙂

  18. Fadzi Razak says:

    Wow, my husband is one of those die hard fan of harry potter. he must be interested in this

  19. Audrey Yap says:

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Thanks for this. I’ll definitely visit this place one day!

  20. Shivani says:

    Been wanting to visit this place for ages – definitely one to bookmark in the calendar sometime soon. Such a fan of Harry Potter, the sights and experience must have been amazing.

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Shivani,

      Yes it was such a good experience as most of the exhibits are interactive. They move, they float, they swing and it’s really interesting. Don’t forget to keep the passport once you finish the tour!

  21. Shirley Yu says:

    Oh no… Thanks for sharing and now I know another new place for me to visit on my next trip to London^^

  22. Mable Seah says:

    The team really put a great effort in it, it’s amazing to see yet I’m not a fans of HP lol, anyway, thanks for sharing!

  23. Shet Ling says:

    London very nice place, I want to visit too. Hope I have opportunity to visit this place

  24. Ivianat says:

    It’s so pretty!Very eye opening! I would like to visit with my son in future!

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