#TSDayOut to Subang Skypark

This version of #TSDayOut was very different from the rest that I’ve ever attended because it was held indoors and involved a tour. For the very first time, together with other participants, we got to walk around Subang Skypark to experience its’ facilities, say hello to the Firefly flight attendants, learn aviation from SimFlightKL and lounge in the exclusive Puegeot area. I’m also loving the yellow version of the #TSDayOut t-shirt and starting to have a fetish in collecting all the colours. Hmmm. Anyways here’s a more detailed account particular version of #TSDayOut with Tourism Selangor.

All ready to FLY in our yellow #TSDayOut t-shirt!

All ready to FLY in our yellow #TSDayOut t-shirt!

Subang Skypark – The City Airport

Whenever I have to travel for business, my preference has always been this particular airport only because it is located less than 3o minutes away from my home. It also gives me more sleep time before heading to the airport. What I also love about Subang Skypark is that everything is done in a short amount of time from checking in at the counter (short queue) to entering the departure lounge. What’s interesting was when Mr. Rushdee who is the Firefly Flight Operation Manager, explained to us that the yellow tiles on the floors were made that way to indicate the journey from the counter to the departure lounge. “Follow the Yellow Brick Road!” I exclaimed. The airport is also decked with lifestyle retailers, a good range of F&B outlets, comfortable sofas around the terminal, payphones, Money Exchanger, Samsung screens located all over the Terminal displaying current news, valet parking and a 9,000 sq. ft. Five Star Executive Lounge with WiFi.

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Firefly…the aircraft, not the insect.

The first time I went on a Firefly airplane, I remembered feeling extremely nervous because I knew that I would be flying in a small plane. What I did not know however, was that the airplane uses propellers which is visible to the naked eye and that was the reason I felt like running back home like a little girl. It turned out to be a pleasant experience because of its’ good airline service that comes with a smile. The flight attendance are often friendly and it didn’t feel like a budget airplane at all. Firefly flies from Subang, Kuala Lumpur to nearby states in Malaysia such as Penang, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh, Johor Bahru and Alor Setar. They also fly to international routes such as Koh Samui (Thailand), Indonesia (Medan, Pekanbaru, Batam) and Singapore.

I've always had a soft spot for Firefly Airlines.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Firefly Airlines.

So You Think You Can Fly? A SimFlightKL Experience.

This was the best experience ever for me only because I love to travel on an airplane and I had a chance to go into the cockpit to understand how the Airbus A320 & Boeing 737 works. In Subang Skypark terminal, you can find the SimFlightKL on the first floor and from RM45 learn to fly this simulator. There were two types of simulator session which was held in a glass room and the other a mock unit of the airplane itself. I tried the one in the glass room which had the pilot seat and the technical switches in front of me. Listening to the explaination took at least half an hour which was quite a lot of info to digest for a small brain like mine. All I remembered was that to move the airplane downwards, we ought to push the steering wheel once and to make it go up, to pull it towards us once and then let go. The airplane will move itself once the steering is let go. The first thing I said when I sat down on the pilot seat was “I need a cushion.” Now I know why pilots need to be of a certain height. It’s because they’re able to see the screen in front of them (which is slightly higher than my usual eye level view) and also to touch the switches above. It was not easy to land because you need to calculate the distance before descending on the tarmac. I almost made it until my airplane decided to swerve onto the grass. I’m going to stick to my day job definitely. Later on I went into the cockpit version and it felt much more real! Dan Arif was flying us at the time and we were above Hong Kong. I could see the 2D towers, the sky, the ocean beneath and thank goodness he managed to land right before the ocean. Phew!

Look Ma! I flew with SimFlightKL!

Look Ma! I flew with SimFlightKL!

The World’s First Peugeot Lounge

According to Mr. Yasser Awan, General Manager Nasim Sdn Bhd  (Peugeot), the Peugeot Lounge is the worlds’ first, opened to all Peugeot owners on outbound flights from the Subang Skypark Terminal. Located on the first floor of the terminal, the lounge has a VIP room, Wi-Fi services, Astro, flight information services (in case you’re worried about missing your flight), newspapers and magazines as well as a meeting room. Peugeot car owners will only need to show their boarding pass together with the Peugeot Privilege card of keys to enjoy the facilities. Complimentary light refreshments are also available to the patrons. If you’re like me and don’t own a Peugeot car, you could be a guest of your friends or families who owns one and enjoy the same facilities while waiting for your flight. All you need to do is show your boarding pass and you’re in! While we had our lunch, served by the good people of Bubba Gump (I was so hungry I could eat up everything!), I noticed a display of merchandise up for sale from umbrellas to a collection of miniature cars.

The Peugeot Lounge in Subang SkyPark Terminal is pretty SWAG.

The Peugeot Lounge in Subang SkyPark Terminal is pretty SWAG.


Thank You Tourism Selangor!

At the end of the day and speeches from the VIPs, Mr. Francis Anthony (Airport Manager for Skypark Subang), Mr. Azman, Chief Commercial Officer (Firefly), Mr. Yasser Awan, General Manager Nasim Sdn Bhd  (Peugeot), Fazly Razally, Manager of Events, Marketing and IT  (Tourism Selangor) and Captain Wafi (SimFlightKL), a prize giving ceremony for the Best Blog and Best Photo contest took place with respective winners taking home their cash prizes. It’s always a pleasure being part of a programme that encourages participation from bloggers and public. For the next #TSDayOut, don’t forget to look out for their announcement on Twitter and official Tourism Selangor FB page.

Congratulations to all Winners!

Congratulations to all Winners!


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  1. Hehehe.. Secret’s safe with me.. But every time I see the name Bubba Gump I think of you two.. :p
    Hey next time we fly the Airbus lah.. Naik pangkat a bit..

    • fienuts says:

      Hahaha. Oh dear. Every time I see the name Bubba Gump, it reminds me of the Kajang Clan!
      By the way, your photos on Melvin’s blog is very nice-lah. I wish I took photos like that.

  2. Melvin Paul says:

    Enjoyed reading it! Jom do it again!!! 🙂

    • fienuts says:

      Yahh most definitely but I’ll need a cushion for my seat because I can’t see! Oh ya and also don’t forget our *secret* with Bella. He he he.

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