#TSDayOut to Amazing Race FRIM

I have always wanted to join the Amazing Race ever since they opened it up to Asia and when Tourism Selangor announced this event for the March 2013, I was jumping with joy! I was so excited that I signed up immediately and paid on the spot, not even thinking about whether I had something on that day. I was also sick a week before the race and took a lot of rest just to ensure I could make it on Saturday.

Fast forward to the big day, a total of 24 registered participants turned up for the #TSDayOut to Amazing Race FRIM and I was super excited despite still recovering from the cold. I registered and hung out with the Krabi gang, introducing myself to the Suran, Hidayat, Syidi and Pat, whom I met for the first time that day. It’s the one thing I look forward to often during #TSDayOut, that is meeting new friends who share the same passion. While we were waiting for the race to begin, I met Farah who had been following my Instagram and introduced herself as a reporter for The Star. My excitement went from ten to a gazillion at that point. To make this story more interesting, I decided to share with you the things I’ve learned during this race because it was just not about winning the prize but also on what we experienced together.

Before The Race Begins.

There was a final briefing on what’s expected of us when we head into the jungle and what we would need to bring. The OCD me prepared a whole bag of stuff which I ended up chucking in my car and going with just my bottle and handphone. Teams were called out and members were drawn randomly. We had a few minutes to decide on our team name and we chose TEAM SAMPAT (means crazy or was it dumb, in Chinese). We were also given the new #TSDayOut t-shirt in blue to wear during the race.


Warming up session before the race. (Photo by Rasyidi Awaludin)

Pitstop #1 : Patience Were Tested.

The whistle blew and we were off! With a map and an egg (which we had to make sure not to crack by the end of the race), we got ready to jump into our first clue. Yes, I meant jump because we had to go into the river to search for 3 tiny marbles. I started to shiver and cough madly because I was still getting over the flu. Determined as ever, I even duck my head in to search for these shiny marbles before anyone else did. Alas, it was difficult to find the marbles so the facilitators started throwing more in the river and we ran after it. Teams after teams jumped out in glee, except for us. We were the last two teams to find the marbles and got out from the river to hand it over to the marshall, performed a short team cheer before running into the jungle.

Pitstop #1 - Jumping in to search for marbles!

Pitstop #1 – Jumping in to search for marbles! (Photo by Rasyidi Awaludin)

Pitstop #2 : Being Artsy in the Jungle.

It’s not exactly a boogey woogey man but we had to use the items in the area (leaves, stems, etc) to make our own traditional aboriginal outfit. We even used paint to colour our faces for the extra colour. Using a rafia string, we collected the huge dried leaves and sewed them together to make ourselves a skirt. In five minutes we figured out another chant while making sure that our egg was still intact. I loved our teamwork so far because we got along really well and managed to get things done quickly!

Team Sampat completing the first second pitstop of #TSDayOut Amazing Race to FRIM

Pitsop #2 – Team Sampat completing the second pitstop of #TSDayOut Amazing Race to FRIM

Pitstop #3 Keeping Our Balance

From the second pitstop we had to find our way following the huge water pipe than ran through the jungle. It snaked past the river going further and further into the deep green before heading upwards past the slippery rocks to the blasting ray of hot sunlight. Both of my teammates seem to hike with ease while I was panting, trying to catch my breath a few times. Finally we made it through the river, the cooling shades of the jungle and trekked towards the next pitstop where a pair of coconuts await. Picking one each for ourselves, we took off our shoes and placed both feet on the coconut. Taking a deep breath to balance myself, I started putting one feet forward and fell. The coconuts shell were smaller than my feet making it hard to grip. A few times I fell before Nadi taught me how to grip it properly by pushing my food forward to clutch it tightly. It worked and I managed to walk all the way to the end of the line with my team.

Pitstop #3 - We had a little coconut feet.

Pitstop #3 – We had a little coconut feet.


Pitstop #4 Keep Nature for Our Future Generation

This pitstop was quite an easy one as we had to put together a jigsaw puzzle of the tall and majestic Crown Shyness. I’m not really good at puzzles so thank goodness for Nadi & Ding who knew what goes where. While we were putting the puzzle together, I noticed a group of children with their teacher stopping to look at the trees near us. There’s nothing like seeing the future generation immersing themselves with mother nature and learning how to protect it.

Pitstop #4 It was a puzzling forest indeed.

Pitstop #4 It was a puzzling forest indeed.


Treasure Chest Clue – Appreciating Mother Nature

Once the jigsaw puzzle pit stop was cleared, we started walking into the green jungle again. This time with Ding leading the way. The path was blocked by a barks of trees, some of which we had to climb over.  The Marshall reminded us of capturing the an image of a beautiful spot which was made popular by National Geographic. A few minutes later we found it, up in the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

We had to look up for our Treasure Chest Clue.

We had to look up for our Treasure Chest Clue.

Pitstop #5 A Smack of Bravery

Our worse fears were not over. Getting down and dirty was something we looked forward to until we go to this particular pitstop. One group was ahead of us, one by one crawling under the makeshift obstacle, squirming through the muddy grey muck from one end to another.  It was quite yucky for me and I was quite worried about leeches sucking my arms, legs. There was none. Every part of my body was leech free! However after this obstacle, I felt that the next thing that came our way wouldn’t be too squirmish like this pitstop.

Pitstop #5 came with a mud bath.

Pitstop #5 came with a mud bath.

Pitstop #6 Being a Good Listener

This pitstop was quite interesting as it involved a lot of instructions and attentive listening involving all the team members. One person would be giving the instructions (and that would be me) while the other team members were blindfolded in a square lined area. My task was to give instructions to my team members, without mentioning their names, leading them to the yellow and blue papers scattered within the box. We decided on code names ‘Ah Pek’ and ‘Ah Moi’ which was easy to remember. So there was a lot of ‘Ah Pek move left! Ah Moi move right!’ instructions in getting them to pick up five of each of the blue and yellow paper. By this time, the sun was high as a kite and we were slightly baked.

Pitstop #6 came with instructions and squats.

Pitstop #6 came with instructions and squats.

Pitstop #7 A True Team Effort

We had been enjoying the pitstops so much that we didn’t realize that we were nearing the end of  it. Our task was to arrange the nails onto a wooden platform with only one of touching the surface. My gosh this was the hardest mental games I’ve experienced. If it wasn’t for Nadi who had previously done this before, we would have been sitting there cracking our brains for the next ten years. Okay maybe not 10 years. A lot of patience and teamwork was required in making the nails dangle with each other, without falling. A few times it toppled over until we managed to balance it out in the end!

Pitstop #7 Arranging nails was so challenging.

Pitstop #7 Arranging nails was so challenging.

Pitstop #8 Facing Your Fears

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate bugs, worms and all those yucky things? Well, if I did enter the real Amazing Race and asked to put one of these things in my mouth, I would definitely say N-O and walk off without the million dollars. Like no way will I ever eat them! This was different though. We were all blindfolded and taken to a container filled with random items that was dry and moved. The task was to remove two coins from the container while touching other.. yucky stuff. I knew there were worms and I felt them moving about. Arghh. There was also a video courtey of Dian from Tourism Selangor which you can watch. Beware of explicit profanities though. Haha.

Pitstop #8 Worms and worms and worms.

Pitstop #8 Maggoty maggots.


The Best Learning – Everyone is a Winner!

I’d like to say a special thank you to our amazing dynamic team for such a good time during the entire Race. Those were moments which will be remembered for many donkey years to come. IAlso thank you to Tourism Selangor for hosting such an epic #TSDayOut to Amazing Race activity as well as FRIM for letting us play in their green space. Winning the Grand Prize was such a blast and so unexpected!

Congratulations to all winners....

Congratulations to all winners….


....and everyone! We finished the race!

….and everyone! We finished the race!


Can’t wait for the next #TSDayOut! Until then I’m going to go wash off my muddy sneakers and painted face.

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