#TSDayOut: The Walk to Little India

I am a fan of Tourism Selangor because they organize the best monthly Tourism Selangor Day Out (#TSDayOut) for people who wants to get to know Selangor a little better. It is also a good way of meeting new people and uncovering new things in places that are familiar to us. This month, I had a chance to join #TSDayOut to Little India, Klang in conjuction with the Deepavali celebration. It was my second time with Tourism Selangor when at the last minute there was an empty spot and I took it happily.

We assembled ourselves in Bangsar and waited patiently for everyone to arrive. It felt nice to see familiar faces yet a little nervous in meeting new ones but I braved myself to say hello nevertheless. As soon as the bus arrived, excitement hit us all, and I felt like a giggly school girl going on a field trip with my gang. All the sleepiness I felt from waking up in the wee early morning was gone the minute the wheels of the bus turned and made its’ way to Klang.

WALK STOP #1: Sri Nagara Thandayuthapani Temple

Almost an hour later, we arrived at the first pit stop, a hundred year old temple called Sri Nagara which stood grandly with the Masjid India Klang (Mosque) and St. Barnabas Church. It is the oldest Hindu temple in Klang that provided a place of worship for early Indian immigrants before becoming an important cultural & heritage attraction. The Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani temple is managed by the Nagarathar or Nattukottai Chettiar community which devote themselves to caring for this precious landmark. Stepping quietly into the temple, I watched a family quietly praying while another sat at the corner in a still stance, watching us taking in the beautiful carvings on the walls, the gates and the statues. It was serene and appropriate for the upcoming Deepavali celebration .

Sri Nagara Thandayuthapani Temple

WALK STOP #2: Kota Raja Klang Fire Station

A few minutes walk from the temple was the Victorian-styled Kota Raja Klang fire station which has been there since the 1890s to primarily safeguard the town from fires until today. This historical building still has its’ main structure and original architectural features from the past even though it has gone through renovations throughout the years. I was hoping there was a red fire engine that we could take a photo with but I guess it was out on duty that morning.

Kota Raja Fire Station


WALK STOP #3:  Gedung Raja Abdullah

At first I thought the traditional looking roof belonged to the Klang District Police Station until we were told instead that it was called the Gedung Raja Abdullah, a building which used to be a warehouse in 1857 storing weapons, tins and food. The building now is a museum that exhibits the history of Selangor’s tin mining industry and its role in the development and success of Selangor. The museum is now temporarily closed for restoration until further notice the last I read.

Gedung Raja Abdullah

WALK STOP #4: Chong Kok Kopitiam

We were hungry by the time we reached Chong Kok Kopitiam which has been there for generations. Dian was telling us that this place used to be a motel until the family decided to turn it into a restaurant serving the best Kaya toast and iced coffee I’ve ever tasted. I’ve always had a thing for eccentric looking kopitiams especially when the food and the price are equally good. I was so hungry that I ordered half boiled eggs, a packet of nasi lemak to go with the iced coffee. The place was really packed with people making their way in for breakfast and we were lucky to have a few seats to ourselves. We ate while listening to Daud sharing his experiences in #TSDayOut and Selangorlicious weekend outings. It was good to know how the programme has attracted people to Selangor but also unconciously made them ambassadors as well.

Breakfast at Chong Kok Kopitiam


WALK STOP #5: Little India

We were finally in Little India, which is the biggest Indian street in Malaysia. I expected a scene from Bollywood with people in their colourful saris’ dancing to the beat of the music and it was almost like that, minus the dancing of course. It was still early when we arrived and the vendors were still setting up their folded tables and chairs, folding the colourful shawls and saris. I was there on a mission, to have a henna tattooed on my hand for the colourful celebration and that’s exactly what I got! Under the umbrellas were ladies with their tattoo equipments all set for a quick draw. It costs RM5 to have a design drawn on you, either on your hands, arms or even the neck. I chose a design to go on the back of my hand and in less than 10 minutes, it was done. While waiting for the henna to dry off, we walked around a little bit more to do some street shopping. I ended up getting my first Punjabi suit to wear for Deepavali. The day would not be complete without lunch in an authentic banana leave restaurant called Archana which served mean chicken masala and fish curry. I dove in with my hands as it’s the best way to savour such a dish.

Enjoying Banana Leaf Rice in Little India

Colourful Little India

A henna tattoo!


Personally I never really got to walk around the streets in my own state because I’m so used to traveling around here with a car but during this #TSDayOut I really did have a lot of fun getting to know Klang and it’s people a little better. The theme for todays’ outing was “Colours of Rangoli” and a lot of the photos captured were pretty outstanding. Congrats to fellow travel buddies RambleandWander, Anis Ibrahim, Adam, Ding and everyone else who won the best photo for the day! I’ll submit mine at the next #TSDayOut, until then have a great weekend everyone!

Congratulations to all #TSDayOut Winners!

The #TSDayOut Group (photo via Nigel Low of http://foodnframe.com


With the help of social media, #TSDayOut aims to engage their fans and followers via Twitter and Facebook by inviting them for a trip to local spots and experience Selangor . For more info and a look at the adventures that we have participated in, check out http://www.tsdayout.my

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  1. Woot! Woot! A good write up about the day. It was an enjoyable dayout indeed, kudos to Tourism Selangor and all the participants.

    • fienuts says:

      Thanks RAW! We did have loads of fun didn’t we especially since you won Best Photo. Hehe. On to the next one with Tourism Selangor!

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