Travelling Tips every First Time Traveller Should Know

Traveling­ for some people it’s their life, for some it’s part of a job and for some it’s a dream. Most people relish traveling while others save money for months to go on that perfect holiday they’ve always dreamed of taking to London or New York. If you’re a first time traveller, it’s understood you’ll be excited and want to pack each and everything you think might be necessary.

Here are a few tips every first time traveller should keep in mind to make the most of his first trip be it around the country or overseas:

Pick a Peaceful Location

So it’s finally time for your holiday and you pick a location like Goa, Mumbai or maybe Agra. While these locations have a lot to offer, they are usually bustling with tourists mostly all year round. It can be quite challenging to explore the city when it’s always swarming with people. Instead, take a vacation to explore the monasteries up north, the mountain ranges in the east or the back waters down south. You’ll find yourself lost in the peace and serenity without much hustle and bustle of the busy city life making it a perfect get away.

Keep it Simple

When you plan your travel itinerary, keep it simple by focusing on a few locations and preferably in the same city. Most people try to fit in and juggle a lot of site seeing and visiting nearby locations as well which leaves them feeling exhausted rather than relaxed which might ruin your whole idea of a holiday. Stick to a particular place, spend some time, explore and you can always visit other locations on other visits than trying to cram it all up in one trip.


Plan your route

Start planning your vacation. Do some research as to what transport you can use around the city to go sight seeing. Pick out a location which suits your interests and you would enjoy. You can always book a bus/cab using redbus coupons to take you around and help you visit local hot spots. If you don’t like historical visits, avoid such tourist packages even if they are popular. Pick out a place that resonates with you, try out locations which serve food you like and you’ll surely enjoy it a lot more even if it’s out of the usually tried and tested tour packages.

Pre-­book tickets

While it might sound like an adventure to just face the day as it comes and take whatever is thrown your way, it’s wise if you pre­-book your hotel and you should also pre­-book a flight or bus or cab and you can easily do that using goibibo coupons from Cashkaro to make it affordable. Finding last minute transport or ticket can be quite difficult and nothing is more troubling than to be wandering on the streets in an unknown location without having any idea where you can put up for the night. Being adventurous is one thing, being wise is another!

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Travel Light

This is quite handy as most people think that just because they’ll be away from their homes for a week they should put in everything in their bags- just in case! This will only increase the burden that you’ll be carrying around when in fact you should just pack the bare essentials and bare minimum amount of luggage. It’ll be easy to cart it around and chances are less for you to lose something. Also, don’t forget you’ll be bringing some souvenirs and shopping during your trip too so save some space for that.


These tips will come in handy to every newbie traveller and will also help you enjoy and make the most of your very first trip which you will surely remember for the rest of your life!

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