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I met Ramble and Wanderer or R.a.W  (as he is fondly called) when he first posted a comment on one of my Paris blog posts. After a few rounds of comment exchanges, a meet-up when he was in KL and the recent trip to #TSDayOut, I realized how very little I knew of this mysterious person who has such an amazing photography skill in capturing beautiful landscapes and sceneries wherever he goes. In the first Travel Spotlight of the month, Ramble and Wanderer shares with us his favourite places on earth and a unveils a little bit more about himself.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – your current location, why you love traveling…

First off, a confession. I’m a travel addict. I just have to travel somewhere at least once a month for travel sake or I would feel restless otherwise. That is me. Rambler and Wanderer. And for that reason, it’s hard to say what my current location is because sometimes I myself am not sure, ha-ha! 😉 For the past 5 years or so however, I have mostly been living in the Middle East.

I’m fascinated with the world in general. The cities, the cultures, the people and their food. And that’s why I love travelling. This fascination started when I was still a kid. My father used to travel a bit for work and sometimes my siblings and I would get postcards from the countries that he visited. The postcards fed on my curiosity to learn more about these countries and to dream of visiting them one day myself.

Which parts of the world have you travelled to until today?

To date, I have only been to about 35 countries and these countries are mostly concentrated in Europe and the Middle East. I hope to cover more of Asia, Africa and Down Under in the near future and eventually venture out further to the Americas, both North and South. The only problem now is finding the good people who can show me the money or flight tickets, or both. Does do sponsorship? 😉

What is the one item that you must bring with you during your travels?

Well (apart from passport, money, credit cards and clothes), my mobile phone. I use it for internet access (hotel & flight booking, emails, Facebook, Twitter, blog, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.), as a thumb drive to save copies of travel documents, and for taking photos. However since the camera in my mobile phone currently isn’t working, I guess I have to bring along a camera too.

Name us your three favourite places on earth.

This is hard because every place has its own attractions and appeals. Can I give 5 instead, please? In no particular order, they are:

Old City of Damascus, Syria– I feel at home wandering around the alleyways and people watch in the courtyard of Masjid Omayyad;

London, England– I called the city home some years ago and the best thing about London is I keep finding new things to do every time I’m in the city;

Paris, France– I love the city and the language, as well as their French-accented English, which can easily melt my heart away;

Makkah, Saudi Arabia– despite all the hustle and bustle, one is just at peace with oneself the moment you step into Masjidil Haram;

Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia– the beach, the food, the food and the food. Coming from there, I know I’m biased but seriously, I just love all the traditional delicacies there.

Tsk! I think I have a few more favourite places actually.

Have you ever had any bad experiences during your travels?

There are 3 that come to mind:
I was once stopped by a secret police while walking alone on an almost deserted street one evening in Tehran, Iran. The charming guy accused me of taking photos (which is prohibited in the area, and which I wasn’t guilty of) of some buildings in the area;

I also experienced a 6.1 Richter scale earthquake on my last day in Iran although I didn’t actually know it for certain at the time;

Got pick pocketed while walking back to my hotel in Brussels, Belgium. I realised it the moment it happened but somehow I didn’t do anything about it, probably because there’s nothing of much value that were stolen. Surprisingly the guy came back and returned everything to me when I thought he would simply dump them into the bin.

I would not however say any of these as bad experience. It’s how you react to “bad” situations that make them or the outcome either “bad experience” or not “bad experience”. Besides, bad things can happen anywhere, including in your hometown. ~ R.A.W.

Would you rather hit the beach or hike up a snowy mountain?

I would say neither. I would rather stay in the town or city and spend my time people watch or go hiking in the countryside. But given only the two choices, I would say the beach (and probably do my people watch there instead? ;-))

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset. Simply because of what comes soon after it. I love taking photos in the evening when everything is beautifully lit up.

What’s the most interesting local dish that you have ever tried?

Fish and chips in London. I know that it’s not exactly exotic or interesting *chuckles* but I just love fish and chips. I also love the various types of baklavas (pastries) and mahalabiya (a type of pudding), which can be found throughout the Middle East. Having a sweet tooth, I can never have enough of them.

The most unique dish I have ever tried however probably camel burger, orange flavoured camel milk chocolate bar and… fresh camel milk. ~ R.A.W.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

I don’t want to be anyone else but I would like to be a jumper, like in the movie of the same title. Breakfast in Kuala Lumpur. Morning tea break in some souk either in Egypt or Morocco. Lunch in the Grand Canyon. Afternoon high tea in London. Dinner in Dubai, overlooking Dubai Dancing Fountain. And back home again in time for some late night supper at a mamak restaurant.

Okay, maybe I have been watching too many movies.

Any travel tips to share with the readers?

Pack light and don’t squeeze in too much into your itinerary, thinking you have to see this or do that. Take the time to enjoy and experience each place rather than rush through things just to be able to see all the places of interests. You may not be able to see everything that way but you’d definitely enjoy the trip and experience a lot more. Just remember, less is more.


RaW is the Rambler and Wanderer, a self-proclaimed artistically-inclined serial wanderer/ immigrant/ traveller in every sense of these words, having inherited them traits from both his parents’ sides. A Malaysian, he has been to 30-odd countries so far for leisure travels, and have also had the pleasure of spending almost 1/3 of his life living and working in 3 different countries, apart from in his own home country. He travels whenever he gets the opportunity, or whenever there’s a cheap airfare on offer to places he loves to wander.               Website: | Twitter: @RambleAndWander |Email:




Thank you to R.A.W. for spending some time for Travel Chameleons’ Travel Spotlight of the month! A sponsorship travel would definitely be in the books for the future.

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