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I met Helga during the MySelangorStory competition which was held back in 2011. He was this quiet guy yet had a lot of potential in photography through his eyes. After parting ways, we met again in Jakarta and he and 2 more friends took us on a tour around the city and it left us laughing and smiling all the way back to Kuala Lumpur. He had us eating local food, cycling around Kelapa Sunda and experiencing the local transportation like a local. His passion for photography grew into projects on his Instagram which currently has 19,000 followers. Here he tells us more about his project and what’s in store for travelers heading to Jakarta.

Tell us a little bit about your current project on Instagram and what you love about it.

Right now I have a little project called #seeingtheunseen in Instagram. I love to do this project because it’s about spontaneous and captures non-conditioned moments. I’ve always felt that you must take a photo with your camera wherever you find that moment.

Why did you choose Instagram compared to other social medias like Facebook or Twitter to push your travel stories?

Because in Instagram I have more interaction than other social medias like Facebook or Twitter. However, I usually post photos and stories in my Blog after an Instameet or Photowalk.


Your photos are so interesting as it shows the daily lives and routines happening in the streets of Jakarta and Indonesia. Where is your favorite places to take these photos?

Everywhere and during every weekend especially on the street or heritage places in Jakarta like Kota Tua, Istiqlal, or train stations.

You have been actively involved with the Instagram meet up in Indonesia. Could you share with us when is the next meet-up and how we (public) can join? Do we need to have an Instragram profile and a camera to enter?

I usually give the information about Instameet in my Instagram account (@hlga). Before every Instameet tsome hosts would arrange and inform the steps on how to join this Instameet. I would also (usually) be sharing the information one week before instameet. Yes, you must have an instagram account and a camera (mobile phone / dslr) during these sessions.


Jakarta is such a lively city to travel to. Can you tell us where are the best 5 places to go to in this city?

  • Canoeing in Kampung Nelayan beside Sunda Kelapa Harbour (Jakarta Barat)
  • Catching Sunrise In Muara Baru Harbour (Jakarta Barat)
  • Exploring Istiqlal Mosque and Monas (Jakarta Pusat)
  • Enjoying Jakarta night life in Bundaran HI(Jakarta Pusat)
  • Exploring Taman Mini Indonesia Indah/TMII (Jakarta Timur)
  • Indulging in some beach in Tidung Island or Pari Island (Kep. Seribu)

Where can we find real local food for lunch in the city?

In Sabang street, Bendungan Hilir street, Blok M, or Kemang street.


What is the best way to go around the city especially during traffic hours?

You can go to everywhere in Jakarta by commuter line or ojek (motorcycle).

Where do you plan to travel to next?

Medan on November & Bangkok trip on December.


What is the most important items that you would take with you when you travel?

The spontaneous moment of the people living around you especially on the streets and heritage buildings.

What are your tips for people traveling to Jakarta for the first time?

  • Jakarta is a traffic jam city, so you must know how to explore Jakarta during traffic hours.
  • Be careful during exploring the city especially if you’re bringing camera or other gadgets in Jakarta.
  • Try to explore Jakarta with the commuter line
  • Bring sunblock or umbrella! :p

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8 Responses to Travel Spotlight: Helga on Instagram

  1. Wow, he takes beautiful shots. I love the one with the boy crossing between the boats. It looks so elegant! ballet like. Does he really take them all with his iPhone?

  2. ndop says:

    I know Helga is from blogwalking. I think he knows me first (because I’m more famous than him, haha kidding).

    Helga is good at graphic design too. He makes logo or branding stuff. But, I know photography is his passion. I always adore with his photograph in his instagram or blog.

    I like the way he shoots object in the super-exact-middle of the frame. That is super amazing talent! Does he hold his breath as long as he get the best picture?

    Yes, he is a quiet guy. When I first meet him, he always disallow me to capture his face. Whereas, his has a exotic skin and handsome face. Why he is so shy? haha.

  3. hlga says:

    ahahah thank you so much for your interview Kak Fie!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    great honor for me to be interviewed and included in these blog post.
    hope all of you enjoy my instagram feed.
    feel free to ask me if you or your visitor blog want to come in jakarta.

    btw, sorry for my bad english


    • fienuts says:

      You’re welcome Helga and thank you for participating. Your photos are amazing and your talents should be shared to whole world ๐Ÿ™‚
      I can’t wait to see more photos on your Instagram feeds and looking forward to visiting Jakarta again!

  4. Alid Abdul says:

    I know this guy from blogsphere since he was in high school and finally after years met him on 2012 if I can remember. And doing trip together in Yogyakarta during blogger nusantara meet up.

    I admire his talent and his passion about photography, without using DSLR or hi-tech camera but only an iPhone he shot amazing photo.

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Alid,

      I know what you mean! I was surprised to see his awesome shots on Instagram because when we first met he was this shy soft spoken, quiet guy with a big smile snapping photos away. He has such a good eye on street photography especially on the everyday things he sees in Jakarta.

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