Travel Photos Gone : What To Do Next.


Yes, they are gone. 

This is a major bummer and it’s the worst thing that could happen to anyone who’s in love with traveling. Well, it happened to me and this is probably one of the reasons why I have been shying away from the social universe lately. Trying to not get upset, made me more upset so I decided to focus my thoughts on work instead.

It helped, sort of.

I figured the only way to move on from this dramatic disaster is to seek closure, and by that I meant pouring out my heart to release the sadness, replacing it with sheer joy again. Maybe I should start with how I lost these precious, treasured moments.

You would think that I’d somewhat learned from the past and have a back-up of these photos. Let’s just say I took it for granted this time and thought that my WD hard drive was my support system to those memories. I thought it had my back until the connecting wire became faulty and couldn’t go back into where it was supposed to be. A friend who is good in IT (he fixes gadgets) had to open it up, get a new casing, put it back together in hopes that everything would be fixed.

Alas. It didn’t work and everything was gone.

Still licking my wounds, I know I would still have to forget about this mishap, learn from it and just move on. There’s always a good side to everything and with some tips from friends, hopefully this will not happen again. Here’s what they recommended:

#1 Back-up the photos in 2 different external hard drives/hard disks. 

This was a good tip from Rasyidi who shared that he often keeps all his photographs in 2 different hard disks to avoid his photos from going missing. It would take more time to do so, but it’s worth a try. I figured if I saved in two different places, I may also request my travel buddy to hold one, while I hold the other, in case I lose one of it.

Reliable hard disks are hard to find so it's important to have a few back-ups just in case.

Reliable hard disks are hard to find so it’s important to have a few back-ups just in case.


#2 Invest in CDs and DVDs.

This was from another friend who said that he kept everything in DVDs with labels, so that he’d be able to look for them accordingly when needed. It’s definitely a good idea because if you lose 1 CD, you would just be losing 1 album, as opposed to losing the entire photo collection in one go. My only concern is having them pile up in bulk and storing them as it could take up space.

#3 Print them out and make it into a photo book or photo album.

When I told my parents, I lost our family trip photos of New Zealand, she suggested that I print out those photos that I’ve captured and compiling it into an album. As we’ve grown into the digital world, people have grown out from printing photos into albums or making it into a photo book. Perhaps, this is one thing I could consider, especially when it comes to photos of family trips. It would be nice to look back at those photos in years to come and recall the fond memories.

#4 Upload them online.

With plenty of online storage services such as Google Drive, Flickr, iCloud, photos could be uploaded and saved on the internet with privacy settings. At least if the ones you have with you go missing, you could retrieve them again from these storages. Just remember to note down your passwords (in case you forget them) and choose a few sites so that you could save as many photos online. I was lucky to have uploaded some of the missing travel photos on my Facebook even though it was not the full set. At least I’m still able to review them and save them again on my external hard drives.

Saved by the Facebook. Photos such as this one of Huka Falls in New Zealand is still saved. Phew.

Saved by the Facebook. Photos such as this one of Huka Falls in New Zealand is still saved. Phew.


#5 Use multiple cameras when taking photos, including from your friends. 

This could probably work too, even though you might not get the full set of the photos you’ve captured in the camera. I usually use my camera to take street shots, followed by the GoPro for landscapes and finally the iPhone for special moments. Sometimes I’d ask family and friends to take photos of me with the surroundings. This would eventually be saved in my hard disk as well, so it’s fortunate to be able to still get some of those memories back.

Photos like this saved on a family or friends camera, mobile phones is one of those reliable back-up options for storing travel moments.

Photos like this saved on a family or friends camera, mobile phones is one of those reliable back-up options for storing travel moments.


No point crying over spilled milk now, it’s time to make new memories. 

The worst is over. I’ve been keeping myself away from the blog because of the photos I’ve lost which included 14 out of the 25 countries I’ve traveled to. It’s not much, but it’s enough to make me nervous about the prospect of losing more photos in the future. All that’s left are memories which I would remember for a lifetime, even though there’s no photos of them. On the bright side, this gives me an opportunity to revisit these countries again and create more moments to remember them by.


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