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 Traveling through Cambodia by bus.

Cambodia is sandwiched between neighboring countries Thailand, Laos and Vietnam making it one of the most popular pit stop when traveling overland to Indochina region. The country has 24 provinces in total including Phnom Penh, which is known as the special administrative area in the Kingdom.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of land area to cover when traveling across the country. Besides air & train travel, buses are still a popular choice as there are plenty of companies providing such services. Its price attracts budget travelers from abroad and locals who choose to travel by bus during the holidays. We’ve listed down a Cambodia Bus Trip wish list if you plan on staying on to explore the country.

There's 24 Provinces in Cambodia plus Phnom Penh.

There’s 24 Provinces in Cambodia plus Phnom Penh.


So what is BookMeBus? 

I usually do research on popular bus providers in Phnom Penh before deciding on which ones to book but here’s an easier way that would save us all a lot of time in travel planning.

BookMeBus is a Cambodian start-up company that provides a one-stop bus ticketing services across the Kingdom. They understand the importance of traveling in comfort and this is why they have partnered up with 20 bus companies in the Cambodia to provide the best traveling experience.

The company is also providing ferry-booking services in Sihanoukville (to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloen) so that travelers are able to book their tickets without any hassle. You can head on to to check out their features up close or make bookings.

Search for a bus on

Search for a bus on


How to make a booking on BookMeBus.

You don’t need to register for any account (which is the best thing ever) but you will need to key in your details such as email address & phone number for confirmation purposes.

1. Key in your departure, arrival and travel dates.

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2. Once it opens up to a list of bus operators, you can see where the bus will pick-up or drop point, reviews and special remarks. 

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3. Choose your seats, fill in the passenger details and check the trip summary. Once you confirm everything, you can make payment through Visa, Mastercard or through local money transfers such as Wing, SmartLuy or e-money. 

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4. Receive your ticket through email and you’re all set! 

You can request to reprint your receipt if it goes missing. You’re also able to change your departure ticket but it has to be at least 1 day before you leave.


Find, book, pay and go!

Besides having everything on the website super easy to navigate, the BookMeBus website has the following brownie points for making our travel a pleasant one:

  • Zero booking fee
  • Best price guarantee
  • Book and save points
  • Reschedule ticket
  • Rate & Review
  • E-ticket & M-ticket

Ready to make that journey across Cambodia on a bus?

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