Tokyo in Seven Days: A City Guide

Konichiwa Japan.

It’s been five years since I last visited this metropolitan and all I could think about was those fresh sushi and Japanese desserts. We chose autumn for this trip since it’s my favorite season. The weather behaved during our stay and the rain only came on our departure date. Planning for Tokyo was not easy as we had to squeeze those visits to maximize the seven days we had there.

The city has 24 wards and the more popular spots are located in the central. Our itinerary was mostly in Tokyo except for the 2 places that were outside the city. In terms of budgeting, we paid Disney TokyoSea tickets pre-arrival and the rest was paid during the travel period. I would recommend a $500 budget for the entire stay which would include ground transportation, meals, attractions, and souvenirs.

Here’s the break down of our visit.

Day 1 (Saturday): Shinjuku

6:30 am – Landed in Narita Airport. Waited for the Keisei Limited Express counter to open at 8:00 am and bought a ticket to Nippori Station (75 minutes for 1,030 yen), and then to Shinjuku (additional 200 yen). Fell asleep in the train since it was a long ride.

10:30 am – Arrived in Shinjuku station and placed luggage at the storage area. Since there were 2 luggage, we paid 800 yen each. If you don’t have any coins with you, best to buy a cheap drink to break your yen note. There’s a cheaper storage area on the ground floor entrance which was 500 yen. We noticed it after we walked out of the station.

11:30 am – Walked out of the station and headed towards the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, stopping by first, in front of the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower to take a photo. We entered the tower through Main Building 1 and went all the way up to 45th floor to see a view of the city for free. Walked to the Central for the flea market.

2:00 pm – Bought tickets at the Odakyu Romance Car counter for Hakone Trip (5,140 yen round trip – 2 days free pass). Took our luggage and checked in to Airbnb near Nishi-Shinjuku station.

Day 2 (Sunday): Shinjuku

9:00 am – Tsukiji Market visit but it was closed so we went to the outer market area instead. There are plenty of stalls selling grilled tuna, oysters and sushi in the morning. This was our breakfast place.

10:30 am – Walked over to Hama Rikyu Gardens and paid 300 yen entrance fee. The garden is really beautiful during autumn season. Took the 40 minutes water bus journey to Asakusa (740 yen one way).

12:00 pm – Arrived at Asakusa pier and visited the Sensoji Temple.

1:30 pm – Saw the tower ride of Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan and walked towards there. The admission fee was 1,000 yen and this didn’t include the rides, so we skipped it.

5:00 pm – Took the train to Akihabara and visited the Yodobashi-Akiba store since we couldn’t find Electronic Town.

Day 3 (Monday): Hakone

7:00 am to 7:00 pm – Took the Hakone Tozan Line to Odawara and then the Hakone Tozan Railway to Gora. Since we had the free pass for the day, we went on all the transportation mode around town in hopes of viewing Mount Fuji (5,140 yen free pass for 2 days).

Day 4 (Tuesday): Shibuya-Ueno

9:00 am – Took the train to Yoyogi Park and walked through it, stopping at the Chrysanthemum Festival. We also visited the Meiji Jingu Inner Garden (500 yen).

11:00 am – Visited the popular Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Tried the savory and sweet crepes at the end of the street.

2:00 pm – An afternoon in Shibuya watching the busiest walking crossroad in the world.

6:00 pm – Took the train to Ueno Park to catch the Christmas illumination lights.

8:00 pm – Decided at the last minute to go to Tokyo Tower to see the view of the city at night (900 yen up to observatory deck).

Day 5 (Wednesday): Tokyo DisneySea 

1 full day – Spent the day here at Tokyo DisneySea traveling to Maihama, which is an hour away from the city. We bought the tickets online for 7,400 yen (1 day pass) and printed it out to enter the park. Once we arrived in Maihama, we had to pay 260 yen for a 1 way ride into Tokyo DisneySea.

Day 6 (Thursday): Shinjuku-Akihabara

9:00 am – Visited Isetan Food Hall in Shinjuku-Sachome & had breakfast at the rooftop.

11:00 am – The one reason to visit Tokyo is the Travelers Factory in Naka-Meguro where they sell all the notebooks, stamps, stickers, postcards for travel journaling.

1:00 pm – Stopped by Ginza for a bit since we had to switch train stations to Ikebukuro.

2:00 pm – Lunch at the popular Kura Sushi  in Ikebukuro (100 yen sushi) where we played Gacha-Gacha game by slotting our empty dishes.

4:00 pm – Went back to Akihabara to visit the Electronic Town. The place is lit up with neon lights and so alive at night. Ended the day here with a visit to Beck’s coffee shop before heading back to our apartment.

Day 7 (Friday): Odaiba

9:00 am – Searched for the Godzilla statue in Ginza.

11:00 am – Visited Odaiba which was 30 minutes from Tokyo by train. There is a special train that goes around Odaiba City for $8/day (full day pass). We decided to go straight to Daiba station (360 yen) and walked around the area instead.

3:00 pm – Spent the last night in Shibuya, visiting Tokyu Hands, Tokyu Plaza and meeting Swee Ping at LÓCcitane Cafe. Took more photos of the busy Shibuya crossing and did some last minute souvenir shopping.

Here’s a video summary of the Tokyo Trip!

Check out the map for all the places we visited in Tokyo!

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  1. Hello, I loved your blog, it’s beautiful and we felt like we were in the wonderful places too. I love traveling, and if it were possible I would live like that too. But we can travel with your posts. Your blog is charming!

  2. Great, that is an awesome place and it have so many good things to enjoy. i really like beauty of that place. Buildings are the best attraction and so good experience you shared of your trip.

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