The Kingdom of Fast Internet Speed


A developing country with fast internet speed. 

If there’s one thing that’s good in Cambodia (besides the heritage and cultural value), is that the internet is super fast compared to what we have back home in Malaysia. Being a blogger means having to stay connected to the online world and this is one of the important things we look for when we arrive in any city.

In Cambodia you can look forward to the following:

  • Free wifi in most restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels
  • Most importantly, the wifi connection is super stable everywhere
  • Cheap broadband packages for the home
  • Free SIM card with bonus data plans for tourists and travellers

The most important in item number 1 which is FREE everywhere in the Kingdom. I was rather surprised seeing this since not many places in Malaysia offer free wifi. If they do, it came with passwords, and sometimes additional charges (for hotels).

Everywhere you go here, you can just ask for the wifi passwords from the staff or look it up on the wall, the receipt to get connected. You can even order coffee or tea and stay as long as you like. Friends and families who have visited Phnom Penh can’t seem to understand how we aren’t able to have the same benefits from the telco companies back home.

Cheap broadband packages for the home.

I’ve been enjoying fast internet speed at home ever since we moved into the city. Most of the internet providers such as Digi, Ezecom and Opennet offer really rock-bottom prices a month for expats. An example can be seen from Digi which was what we chose for our home.

  • Monthly fee of USD $12 (that’s RM48 per month)
  • Download/upload and speed up to 4 Mbps
  • Unrestricted
  • 1 month free
  • Pay nothing for connection fees or deposit
  • Free door-to-door payment collection

This allowed us to stream online movies, download huge files and connect to the internet using multiple devices at one time. It’s like an internet dream come true.

Take advantage of the Tourist SIM cards. 

While some travelers prefer to rely on only wifi connections, there are also those who like having their internet-on-the-go while touring the city. These are available at the airport upon arrival. You’ll need to know which ones offer the best benefits in terms of calls and data before getting one. In Cambodia, telco companies such as Smart and Cellcard are popular amongst the local.

I would often recommend Cellcard as it’s reliable and has more value in terms of data. Here’s what you can expect when you get a Cellcard Tourist SIM card from the airport:

  • For $2 top-up, you get $35 worth of data usage plus call time.
  • For $5 top-up, you get $75 worth of data usage plus call time.
  • The SIM card is valid for 30 days.
  • You’ll also have a chance to join the $10,000 every day raffle

All you need to do is show your passport, pay the credit amount and let the sales staff change the settings on your phone. You can upload photos, stay connected with the family on whatsapp or update your status as you tour the city with ease.

Don’t worry if you don’t have international roaming or that you’ll get an expensive phone bill when you arrive home. In Cambodia, there are options to always keep you connected to your family and friends. All you need to do is choose one.


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