The Heli Lounge @ KH Tower Kuala Lumpur

My colleague, Dan had captured a group of people sitting in lazy chairs with the view of the top of KL Tower, prominently in front of them which got me curious. He was kind enough to share with me the hidden location in our Kuala Lumpur city centre, a place, as it turns out was not so secret after all for some. Asking a few friends to join along for this exciting visit, we made our was to the city, hoping to see this beautiful cityscape view from above.

The location was right in the middle of the city centre and a mere walking distance from the popular shopping malls such as Pavilion, Star Hill Plaza and Farenheit. We parked at the UOA outdoor carpark (RM10 per entry) while our friends parked in Novotel Hotel (RM5 per entry). Rozie then led us to the KH Tower (formerly known as Promet Tower) which was just 5 minutes away. Across the big traffic light stood the rectangular shaped building with a hint of a circle shaped rooftop above.

Walking towards the main entrance of the building was a pair of good looking couple, who had stopped to ask the security guards for directions to the Heli Lounge. I guess they had the same thoughts as us, that the place looked eerily empty and dodgy looking from the lobby area. We stood in silence in the elevator which made it’s way up to 34th floor, all the while our hearts were beating in excitement and this little adventure. We arrived on our floor and stepped our from the box into a hallway. To the right was a dead end and to the left was another walkway with a left-right option.

We turned left and made our way towards a dark, black glass door with a gold handle. Pushing it forward, we stepped into a lounge area which was dark and covered in black curtains, black and white tiles, and dim lights giving it a stylish look and feel. Wait, let me rephrase that. The place looked classy as hell especially with the barmen standing at the door in their hat, welcoming us to the Heli Lounge. A metal propeller sits on the wall to the left with a seat from an airplane below it. We ordered soft drinks and snacks such as Helidog, fries and wedges before making our way up through the white curtain.

The interior of the Heli Lounge smells so posh.

The interior of the Heli Lounge smells so posh.

Warning signs as we arrive at the roof top.

Warning signs as we arrive at the roof top.

The stairs up and the view.

The stairs up and the view.

It was quite a climb but we made it all the way up to the 36th floor of the helipad, a large area with chairs and tables spread around it and a 360 degrees view of our beautiful Kuala Lumpur city. It was just spectacular! I had always wanted to see the city from the upper deck of our Petronas Twin Tower but never got to it yet. This was even better especially with friends whom like me, was looking forward to the weekend just chilling out and catching up like we often do. We chose the middle seating area, while the remaining patrons sat nearer to the yellow line. That was our safety guide, to not go beyond the yellow line no matter how drunk anyone becomes. That plus the big man with the hat was our safety guy for the night. We stayed on until sunset arrived even though it was a bit cloudy that evening. On a perfect day, the sky would be a sparkling bright orange against the dim sky but tonight, it shaded slowly into the night while the lights sparked one by one from the buildings below. With the Petronas Twin Towers to our right and the Kuala Lumpur Tower to our left, the night was just perfect.

For your info and for those who drink, Happy Hour starts from 6pm-9pm with soft drinkings costing RM20 a glass. After 9pm, a cover charge is imposed and I guess it comes with a drink (unless I’m wrong). It would be much better to catch the sunset and hang around til it gets dark before moving on to other parts of the city. After all, the Heli Lounge would only be open then. Have fun exploring the place and I’m sure you would enjoy the view just like we did.

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Waiting for the sunset while enjoying the view.

Waiting for the sunset while enjoying the view.

The 360 degrees view of Kuala Lumpur.

The 360 degrees view of Kuala Lumpur during sunset.

The KL city skyline at night.

The 360 degrees view of Kuala Lumpur after dark.

For Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur and location of KH Tower, check out the map below:

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6 Responses to The Heli Lounge @ KH Tower Kuala Lumpur

  1. zack says:

    Possible to fly drone from up there?

  2. pat says:

    what time did you go the place? is it open before 6pm?

  3. Wahhhh! You beat me to it! I found out abt this place a few weeks ago after reading a magazine. Thought I’d go there some day. I imagine a time-lapsed video from up there would be reaaaalll nice!

    • fienuts says:

      Wahhh I know which magazine you read! Hehe. Well you can still go up there and take a time lapse video. That would be awesome. The only thing is Happy Hour is 6-9pm. After that it can get a bit expensive. Faster go there-lah RAW. 😛

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