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Cambodia has many public holidays in the first half of the year and this month, May, is no exception. This is one of the things I love about this country. They celebrate religious occasions, international ones, and celebration for the Monarchy for more than one day. We had three days of break from work for the HRH King Sihamonis’ birthday and we decided to head back to Malaysia this time.

The few months I was back did not give me a chance to roam around the city because it was more a transit trip. I spent more time at home this round and more with my family since I wasn’t feeling peachy. At least I got to meet up friends to cure the ‘missing’ feeling of home. So here’s the gist of what went on in May for us.

Where we went.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (13-17 May)

Major Highlights. 

#Cafe Hunt Phnom Penh. It’s nice to begin the month with food trips and coffee breaks to new places. We skipped the usual spots and revisited our neighborhood, BKK1 (expats spot), the airport area. For coffee we tried the newly opened Connecting Hands Cafe on our street which also had the best brownies I’ve tasted so far in this city. Another good coffee place is Digby’s Cafe which also serves as a grocery and Republic Cafe Edwood for frappes as well as fresh juices. We also went back to Gulai for the month since we miss Malaysian food.

Top left clockwise: Connecting Hands Cafe, Digby's, Edwood Cafe and Gulai restaurant.

Top left clockwise: Connecting Hands Cafe, Digby’s, Republic Cafe Edwood and Gulai restaurant.


#The circus was in town. We didn’t realize that there was a circus tent all this while in Phnom Penh. The National Circus School of Cambodia has been having shows there for the past few months to the public! Well we took the opportunity to see the International and local performers during the Tini Tinou International Circus Festival 2015 which I wrote about here. Despite the hot weather, it turned out to be a fun affair for everyone.

#Travel read for the month. I had ordered a few books in Kuala Lumpur and loved this one by Lonely Planet called titled ‘A Fork In The Road’. It is a collection of short stories from food writers, chefs, restaurant owners on tales of discovering good food, pleasures and adventures on the road.

#Visiting Chamka Pring Phnom Penh. Apparently there is a mini Angkor Wat near the airport area. My colleague brought us there one day as we searched for a local fortune teller. We didn’t find her so we ended up exploring the compound which houses mini temples, a stage for evening singing performances, stalls selling food, and a lake. It felt peaceful.

Mini Angkor Wat in Chamka Pring.

Mini Angkor Wat in Chamka Pring.


#Visiting Kuala Lumpur for Kings birthday. The first thing we did when we arrived was to get some food and so the entire trip once again was on catching up to the local delights. I caught a fever before flying back home and it was due to the treacherous heat that has been playing above our heads in Phnom Penh. I didn’t go out that week and spent it resting on the sofa (or bed). It was good though to catch up with the girls and each time I come back home, I’d do my best to meet up with friends because I miss the chats we had while being here.

Filling up on good food when in Malaysia. Top left-clockwise: Maggi goreng, nasi lemak, soto ayam and satay.

Filling up on good food when in Malaysia. Top left-clockwise: Maggi goreng, nasi lemak, soto ayam and satay.


#Upgrading our ride. Sometime last year we got a bicycle which Bart used to cycle to work. It was our way of saving money from tuk tuk rides to our offices. Well we sold it off now because we got ourselves a second hand motorcycle! Being part of the expats in Phnom Penh Facebook community has its’ perks as we’re able to browse through items that are sold of by those who are leaving the country. This one was bought from a French guy who is looking to upgrade his motorcycle. He let this one go and we got ourselves a new ride. Heck I can’t drive motorcycles (and I won’t) but at least I get free rides on this one to work everyday now. That means no more paying for tuk tuks! I’ve also started taking the motodops to work because it’s quicker and cheaper.

Free rides to work is the best!

Free rides to work is the best!


What a bummer and lessons. 

#The heat got to me. After we came back from visiting mini Angkor Wat, I got sick from the hot weather and dehydration. We had gone out in the afternoon when it was extremely hot and underestimated what it could do to us. I only managed to get over the fever after 2 weeks and it was the longest for me. Even Lucky, the tuk tuk driver who took us around on that day fell sick as well.

On working abroad.

#Getting my feet wet. I’ve switched account again and this time I hope there won’t be any major switches until I really get my feet all soaked up in the business portfolio. While it’s good that I am able to learn from different sets of account, staying put and having a stable foundation will help me understand what is needed for the Clients’ business. This is also the first photo I have with my colleagues after how many months being in this Agency. It’s nice to spend time together on one project than working solely on it for the entire day.

On set at a web video shoot with colleagues.

On set at a web video shoot with colleagues.


What’s next. 

No more holidays for June that’s for sure but the good month of Ramadhan is coming up which means the second time around for us. Hopefully the weather will be friendlier. Also now that we have a motorcycle, we can go anywhere freely so I’m looking forward road adventures for sure.

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