Stories from the Road: Month August


Rainy days will arrive soon in the Kingdom and I know this because my parents visited us exactly a year ago during the flash floods. We weren’t able to go out in the evening because the main road was flooded up to our knees so we stayed in to watch television instead.

This time we are prepared to face the weather and got raincoats, hats, to cover ourselves from the rain. Driving the motorcycle while the rain pelts hard on your helmet can be difficult and this made us resort to the weather forecast daily before we head to the office. Other than that, we continued to look out for new restaurants to try, new cafes for good coffee and new dessert places for our sweet tooth.

Where we went.

  • Russei Keo, Phnom Penh.

Major Highlights.

# Khmer Architecture Tour. The folks at the Khmer Architecture Tour provided an online walking map, which we could print out and do on our own. It was easy to follow to since most of the landmarks are in our neighborhood. For example the Latin Quarter restaurant right at the corner of Street 19 and Street 178 was a Royal Villa during the old days. I never noticed it until I read the description of this villa which had a traditional roof and pointed arch at the top. It made me look at my surroundings in a different light. I still have a few more places to go based on this map and look forward to completing it soon. Maybe after that if there’s a need to go for the official tour then I’ll consider it.

The Mansion located near the Royal Palace was built as a Royal Villa in the past.

The Mansion located near the Royal Palace was built as a Royal Villa in the past.


# Preparing for Bangkok, Thailand. Yes this is the part where I get to announce that I’ll be joining the TBEX Asia 2015 Conference held in Bangkok next month! I haven’t been to any travel blogging talks or workshops lately and it would be a good opportunity to catch up with the latest trends and do some networking. I’m also looking forward to good Thai food and art markets since we will be there for a few days.

# Spending Merdeka in the Kingdom. Such a big celebration back home and I decided to wear the baju kurung for the special occasion, even though we don’t practice this public holiday here. I wish for a better Malaysia with peace and harmony throughout our generation.

#Visiting Russei Keo. During Ramadhan month, a local tailor told us of a Muslim market in Batu 7 (also known as 7th mile), in Kandal area. We took the Riverside road and onwards to National Road No. 5 in search for Russei Keo where the market is located. Along the way, we saw small shops selling halal food, a mosque, sundry markets and local Muslim children cycling on the road. We were on the right path indeed. However, when we reached the Russei Keo Market, it was already too late and the place had closed for the day. We did manage to buy sesame banana fritters (goreng pisang) and fried tapioca for tea time.

Spotted the Nur Al-Ihsan Mosque on the way to Russei Keo.

Spotted the Nur Al-Ihsan Mosque on the way to Russei Keo.


# Keeping the hair short. Cutting my hair is a big thing because I rarely cut it short until this month when I decided that it’s time to just chop it off. There was the hot weather and the fact that I take a lot of time in getting ready to work in the morning didn’t work for me at the moment. Eventually it will grow long again.

# Fixing the basic necessities. I got around to do the necessary things like visiting the dentist and checking my healthcare options. For medical, it’s always best to go to a private hospital or seek references from a local friend who would most probably have a private doctor at bay. However, for dental care, I am quite surprised that this country has extremely good and advanced technology for this matter. Take for example Roomchang, which has good, qualified dentists who give free consultation to the patients.

# Fueling up on Indian food. There has been a good number of Halal Indian Restaurants in the Kingdom that we recently visited, which didn’t disappoint us. These places have been around the country for quite some time serving good Palak Paneer, dosa’s, capati’s, and biryani. I’ll probably do up a separate post for this later on.

Eating Indian delights in the Kingdom of Wander.

Eating Indian delights in the Kingdom of Wander.


What a bummer and lessons. 

#Getting independence back. I’m starting to appreciate the alone time I have which I would spend on reading a good book, making breakfast before I go to work and that quiet moment during a Pilates session, all done at home. The only frustration I have currently is the fact that I don’t know how to ride a motorbike and I can’t do so (for some personal reasons). This means I have to depend on other people for a ride or use the public transportation. This means waiting time or feeling guilty for making people wait for me. It’s something I’m not able to change, nevertheless I learned to work around it at the very least, walk to wherever I wish to go.

On working abroad.

# Learning a new skill. I’ve always been fond of learning new things and this month I’ve attempted to take on the digital space technology. As far as my assumption on this subject, it is not as easy as it looks with all the nerdy terms but I will take this challenge for improvement purposes.

# Another TVC shoot project in the outskirts of Cambodia. I never really got to do a full TV commercial since I came here and this was the first with the local team, filming in the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Waking up early morning for the call time, waiting for the van to arrive, enjoying the 60 minutes ride outside of the city with a hungry stomach, prepping up talents and the set, and then rolling the camera 2 hours later. This was our journey and experience for the 1-day shoot. It was tiring, it took a lot of patience at the same time we learned a lot from this episode.

Taking a break while the team discusses on the scenes we've shot.

Taking a break while the team discusses on the scenes we’ve shot.


What’s next.

That Thailand trip and probably another trip around Cambodia in November.

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