Sleeping in Holiday Inn Melaka

This was our first family trip of the year, minus two of my other siblings of course. It gets quite challenging when you have members of the family traveling/working in and out of the country so we do the best we can to try to spend time with whoever is back in KL. That lucky person just happened to be my youngest sister who had time off from her college to holiday around Malaysia.

That is how we ended up in Melaka where we stayed at Holiday Inn Melaka located right behind Mahkota Parade. This is the sister hotel of Holiday Inn KL (Glenmarie) where I had stayed during the MySelangorStory competition last year therefore I was looking forward to see how it fared.

It turns out that the hotel although did not look similar to the one back in KL, did have pleasant staffs at the counter and around the hotel. As soon as we arrived, the smiling bellboy took our luggages and arranged them neatly on the luggage rack while we made our way to the counter. The staffs at the counter got our rooms right and were very friendly as well as helpful. While waiting for the keys, I noticed how the lobby was located next to the Sirocco Bar & the Kopi Counter which allowed visitors to have a chillax night before going to bed or having a nice cup of tea in the evening. The place was remarkably bright & spacious.

Sirocco Bar, a place to meet friends or just chill out at night.

Sirocco Bar, a place to meet friends or just chill out at night.

There aren't that many choices of desserts here but you can try the local teh tarik

There aren’t that many choices of desserts here but you can try the local teh tarik

Our room turned out to have this amazing view of the Straits of Melaka. There was a long deck of colourful cabins stretched across the waters. I also saw a glimpse of the Selat Melaka mosque on the far left. We also saw the large infinity pool beneath us and couldn’t wait to jump in. This is going to be such a busy but fun weekend for us.

The last time when I went to Holiday Inn KL, they had these cute firm & soft pillows with tags on them for easy identification. Guess what? The same thing was found here as well and I couldn’t help but chose the firm one while my sister took the soft pillow version. At least we’re both happy campers. Our parents were staying across from us via a connecting room giving us the opportunity to sneak in & out easily just for fun. After rolling around on the bed, peeking into the nice bathroom and admiring the view, we headed out to see the rest of the facilities around the hotel.

Check out that large empty pool. Yes it's all mine to swim in!

Check out that large empty pool. Yes it’s all mine to swim in!

Choose your pillow, 'firm' or 'soft'.

Choose your pillow, ‘firm’ or ‘soft’.

Breakfast was served at ‘Essence Kitchen’ where a spread of East meets West buffet awaits us. The food here is surprisingly better than the one in KL. I remembered having quite a difficult time finishing the food in Holiday Inn KL but this was fantastic. They changed the menu a bit each day giving us a bit of variety which made me happy. I however, loved the chicken porridge which was served daily and this was the best for me. I also love how the condiments are stacked nicely and I got to choose my own additional ingredients for the porridge. Nothing beats, anchovies, chives and salted egg. There was an egg station, a noodle station, they even have roti canai/roti prata for breakfast along with a row of cereals & cold cuts to choose from. I don’t think I could ever get hungry here.

We went up after breakfast and stopped by the infinity pool area only to find a well equipped gym and a spa. The gym was facing the pool and the view of the sea therefore making it a nice workout place for guests in need of a good sweat. The spa which was located right beside it offers packages from oil massage to foot massages for those with achy problems. I was tempted to try this out but stopped myself because it would be cheaper to try the ones that were not in the hotel although the massage would be more professional. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they have a pool table at the lobby area for people who just want to engage in a bit of a competitive sport with family or friends.

You sort of get to play chef with this one. Chicken porridge with your own additional condiments.

You sort of get to play chef with this one. Chicken porridge with your own additional condiments.

See, that wasn't so hard to make wasn't it.

See, that wasn’t so hard to make wasn’t it.

Address: Jalan Syed Ab. Aziz, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia
Tel: +60 6-285 9000

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