How to Plan a Day Trip to Halong Bay?


Halong Bay is situated in the northeast Vietnam and is quite popular for its beautiful and splendid emerald waters. Even you will find thousands of limestone towering islands covered by rainforests. This place is very beautiful and you should go for a day trip to Halong Bay in order to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. It is also quite famous for rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving etc. So, both nature lovers and adventure lovers will find this place a perfect destination to spend a day. One full day trip over here comprises of kayaking and enjoying some delicious seafood lunch along with gazing the beautiful picturesque view.

Complete Itinerary For A Day

In order to enjoy the Halong Bay you have to make sure that you a properly planned itinerary. This will help you to travel in a relaxed mind without any worries. Here is the complete travel itinerary for you:

7:00 am to 8:00 am

From Hanoi, you will be picked up from your hotel via a shuttle bus or private taxi whichever you choose. Once you get into the car/bus it will take 3 and a half hours of drive to Halong Bay. You will find some great scenic beauty on your way and make sure to enjoy every bit of it. The road is clear and you will enjoy a smooth ride without any trouble. You will get to click some amazing photos on your way itself. You will be given a quick-stop too in between where you can use the restroom and also consume any drinks or foods if you want.

12:00 pm to 1:00pm

You will arrive at the Tuan Chau Harbor by this time (including the halts and traffic). From there, your journey will start where you can enjoy the bay completely. It is an incredible journey that you will enjoy thoroughly. You have to board on the cruise that you have booked for your journey through the Halong Bay. You will be headed to the famous limestone marine landscape.

Halong Bay Cruise


At 1:00pm

Your journey will start where you will come across some stunning sceneries with magnificent views. In your journey you will be served with a nice buffet lunch providing all sorts of options. Sometime while booking you will be able to choose your meal options. If not then the buffet will have all the options like veg foods, non-veg food, sea or non-sea foods. So, you will not have any problem.

1:00pm to 4:45pm

You will have about 4 and a half hours to completely enjoy the Halong Bay and its most popular sites. Here you can witness the beautiful emerald water passing through the Dog Stone. This is a breathtaking view and you will be able to enjoy the splendor of this place completely. You will be cruised through the Burning Incense islet and will stop at the Ba Hang fishing village. There you can opt for kayaking or even sit in a bamboo boat which will be rowed by the locals. The cruise will not go further to the areas which are not travelled much. But you can soak up all the natural beauty of this bay. You will be completely smitten away by the color of the water and the spectacular view all around you.

Kayaking in Halong Bay


4:45pm to 5:00pm

You will be again taken back to the tourist wharf from where you will again get into your car/bus. You will reach the place within 5:00 pm as you will again have to leave for your hotel which is about 3 and half hours of drive from there.

Around 8:30pm

You will arrive at your hotel again where you will be dropped by the driver. Your trip of this beautiful bay in South East Asia ends here.


Many people are confused whether they should go to Phang Nga Bay Thailand or one day trip to the beautiful Halong Bay. Well, if the choice is between these two then choose the latter one. The beauty of this place is heavenly and cannot be described in words. You will be truly amazed and thawed by the spectacular and splendid beauty of this place. This will surely be one the best tours of your life and you will return with loads of memories.


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