Places for Good Coffee in Phnom Penh.


For the love of coffee in Phnom Penh. 

A year has gone by so quickly in this Kingdom of Wonder and it’s time I share with you good spots for coffee if you’re ever here for a visit. Of course, the list is subjective to the type of coffee, the beans, the environment that is offered and the experience one has when one is there. This list is not to offend the tea lovers of course but to share the joy of coffee to everyone (I’ll look out for the best cafes for tea the next round!).

Phnom Penh specifically has its’ share of quality roasted beans which can be found locally or from abroad. There are also a rise of cafes that comes with main dishes, sweet desserts and snacks while sipping your cup of java. Having this two combination makes for a nice hang out for breakfast, brunch, tea time or anything in between.

1/ Feel Good Cafe [Local]

I was looking for the best coffee places in Phnom Penh when a series of articles popped up on this particular cafe. We paid a visit to this cafe, which was hidden with green potted plants at its’ entrance but once inside you could already feel the warmth and coziness of the place. Wooden picnic table and chairs are placed outdoors while those who want to have the comfort of the air-condition could sit indoors with the waft of aromatic coffee beans. People who frequent here are mostly families and travelers.

This soon became our once-a-month coffee place where the waitress would bring my usual cappuccino to go together with my book for the week. Their coffee menu starts with a Babyccino, Risttreto, Piccolo, Mochaccino and Iced Chocolate. They could even substitute soya milk for your usual milk to go with the hot coffee. I would say the coffee is definitely the best so far in town, not forgetting their breakfast menu that comes in generous portions and good taste.

Address: Feel Good Cafe. #7, Street 136, Phnom Penh | Num: +855 77 694 702 | Opens: Mon-Sun (8am-8pm) | Price: Coffee starts from $0.50-$2.50 | FB Page: Feel Good | Feel Good Website | Remarks: They serve hot tea by the pot with vegetarian options. |  

Postcard brunch kind of day with the best cappuccino in town.

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2/   Brown Coffee and Bakery [Local]

We were introduced to Brown Coffee when we first arrived in Phnom Penh and realized that there were no Starbucks chains anywhere in the country. Brown has been around for quite a bit and is popular among the locals as well as expats. This is because it has a few chains around the city, located in popular and high crowd spots such as AEON mall, BKK1 (expats area), Riverside, Sothearos among the few. Each of their cafes has different interior design but with similar menus of course. They serve a good ounce of coffee, tea as well as sandwiches, egg tarts, croissants and even pasta. One thing to look out for is that it can get very crowded here during the weekend and busy, especially in the afternoons. Address: Brown Coffee. Street 57, Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1), Phnom Penh | Num: +855 77 694 702 | Opens: Mon-Sun (6:30am-9pm) | Price: Coffee starts from $1.50 above | FB Page: Brown Coffee and Bakery |


3/ Ya Kun [Singapore Chain]

I was missing the half boiled egg with toast and our friend here suggested that we go to Ya Kun, a Singapore franchise which with similar breakfast menu as back home. They serve good hot kopi-o, kopi ais, with kaya butter toast. The coffee is thick and reminded me of a Chinese kopitiam minus the vintage cups and saucers. Although Ya Kun is mostly popular with expats, it is also gaining interest from the locals with menus such as nasi lemak, chicken rice and mee siam. So whenever I feel the need for some home loving coffee, I know I can count on Ya Kun.

Address: Yakun Coffee & Toast. #206, Street 63, Boeung Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh | Num: +855 93 633 999 | Opens: Mon-Sun (7am-9pm) | FB Page: Ya Kun Cambodia |


4/ The Shop 240 (Local)  

This particular local cafe is known for its French pastries, desserts, health menu selections and of course their coffee. What I love about The Shop is that their coffee comes with a selection of palm sugar instead of the usual raw or white. There’s also a nice outdoor courtyard with a nice shade of trees for those who wish to have some privacy in reading or catching up on work. Just like a true French bakery, you could find cute sized Madelines, and soft croissants. I usually come here with visitors from abroad or when meeting up with friends.  Address: The Shop 240. #39, Street 240, Phnom Penh | Num: +855 77 556 670 | Opens: Mon-Sat (6:30am-7pm), Sun (6:30am-3pm) | The Shop Website |

  Morning coffee at The Shop with home made caramel palm sugar. Enjoying Sunday slowly.   A photo posted by the travel chameleon (@fienuts) on


5/ Paul’s Brewhouse [Local]

This was the first local coffee shop that we went to as suggested by our friend in Phnom Penh. They serve delicious doughnuts and strong cappuccinos’. The cafe recently went through a renovation and it now has an upstairs seating overlooking Wat Botum Park. They have a good number of customers but not as crowded as Browns’ even on a weekend which makes it a good place to chat. There’s a leaning tower of Pisa which reminds you a little bit of Italy while the menu serves mostly American delights. After sipping good coffee, you can take a walk at the park or head over to the Royal Palace to visit the courtyard as it’s all within walking distance.

Address: Paul’s Brewhouse. #52, Sothearos Boulevard (near Street 246), Phnom Penh | Num: +855 70 999 893 | Opens: Mon-Sun (7am-7pm) | FB Page: Paul’s Brewhouse |

Caramel Macchiato patterns in Paul’s Brewhouse.

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What’s next.

I guess there will be more coffee places to discover in Phnom Penh as well as other parts of Cambodia. While most of the cafes are either from overseas with chains around the city, there’s also a few charming ones that are locally established. So I’ll be on the look-out for those serving local iced coffee with milk and local menu!

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  1. Waahh! Dah start embed IG photos! Hehe! You’re making crave for some coffee now despite the fact that I’m actually a tea person.

    • fienuts says:

      I did that a few times already Encik RaW! Those cafes do serve tea by the pot as well, good ones too.
      Maybe when you’re in town, you could check them out.

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