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An art studio with a purpose.

“N O W H E R E” (pronounced Now.Here) is an independent art studio in Phnom Penh founded by artists Lolli Park (South Korea) and Syahrulfikri Salleh (Malaysia). They recently opened this creative space to learn, inspire and collaborate with anyone who loves art.

Their art studio also houses a collection of items made by the owners, which can be purchased. I had a chance to visit N O W H E R E during their opening last year, to view the posters, notebooks, hand printed cushion covers and meet other guests.

NowherePP Art Studio in Phnom Penh is now opened for business.

NowherePP Art Studio in Phnom Penh is now opened for business.


First workshop of the year – Rubber Stamping.

I’ve always wanted to try something new even if it makes me nervous. When N O W H E R E created this event, I thought it’s quite interesting, seeing how Lolli hand printed those cushions in their gallery. The beginners class had Lolli introducing us to the basic of rubber stamping and the materials needed.

There was only 6 of us in this session, which was nice because we could interact more with the artist while she goes around guiding us in the creative process. Here’s how I spent my Saturday morning.

1. Introduction by Lolli.

Our arts and craft table looked so organized with each seat having its’ own tools and papers. Lolli introduced us to the tools and pointed them out one by one. We were given drawings, tracing paper, eraser, carving tools, pen knife, a spoon and 2 different sizes of blank cards for us to create with our stamps.



2. Tracing our chosen drawing.

Lolli gave us examples of images which had different difficulty level. The easier ones had bigger line gaps while other had smaller lines and curves. In the end I chose the sailboat, tracing it with pencil and then transferring the drawing onto the eraser, rubbing it with the back of the spoon.



3. The fun begins!

Using the carving tool and holding it like a pen, I started to carve the eraser according to the lines. We practiced on a another set of erasers, keeping the tool stable while carving the lines. Once we got used to it, we moved on to our eraser. Carving the curves was the tricky part and Lolli taught us how to hold the eraser steadily, moving it according to tool.


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4. Sailboat done, waves next. 

What would a sailboat be without it’s waves? Once we finished carving, we needed to test it using the ink pad. If the lines are not smooth enough, we needed to carve again until the image turns out perfect. I had to do try it out 4 times before it was good for stamping. Since we had time, we could work on another drawing and I chose this set of waves.



5. Playing with colors.

Once we were done carving our stamps, Lolli gave us 2 different type of ink to play with. There’s a set which can be used for any material (oil based), and another for paper (water based). We tested it out on a piece of paper before stamping it on our cards.


6. The verdict.

The sailboat turned out nicely on the cards along with the waves. I’ll add some words on it before I send them out to the family (or friends), depending on who’s birthday is up next. I also had a chance to trace a whale and carve it before time ended, but I’ll have to come back to get it completed.


Who knew arts and craft could be so calming.

The fact that Lolli was generously sharing with us information and tips on creating our stamps, were valuable input. Carving the erasers proved to be relaxing and we just focused on the task at hand, trying out different colors, making mistakes along the way while having fun doing it all.

From this new skill, we would be able to make our own personalized cards, postcards or even bags. This is what I believe was the main motivation behind the N O W H E R E Art Gallery/Studio. Well I for one am sold and definitely looking forward to the next class, as long as I don’t have to draw anything (yikes!).



Location Map:


Here’s how to reach them:

Name:  N o w h e r e PP Art Gallery (Artistic Services)
Address:  3Eo, Street 312, Tonle Basaac, Khan Chamkarmorn
City:  Phnom Penh
Access:  Turn into alley beside Doi Chang Coffee
Contact:  +855 17 891 772 or
Business Hours:  Tuesday-Sunday | 10:00-19:00

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