Hotel Review : Sleeping at The Palace Gate Hotel

  Ever since I’ve been consumed with my usual 9-5 day job (make that 9-8 job), I tend to spend my weekends being a hermit in my one-room apartment. This would happen ...More »

Five Beaches to Experience While in the Philippines

  The more you travel around the Philippines, the more you will realize that it is a piece of paradise on earth. Identified by Conservation International as one of 17 mega-diverse countries ...More »

48 Hours in Unique Thimpu Valley

  Getting to know Thimpu in 48 hours.  Bhutan is one the best places in the world to see natural green surroundings and mountains overlooking the valleys. It is also known to ...More »

Laos : Buddha Park In Pictures

  Stopping in Country #27  Vientiane is an administrative city for Laos with a very relaxing atmosphere. It reminded me a lot like Phnom Penh city, with a more organized and cleaner ...More »

Bhutan: A Tale Of Altitude Sickness

  Adjusting attitude to altitude.  Age is creeping up on me as I’ve come to realize that I cannot simply consume medicine without reading up on all the information. It all started ...More »

Bhutan: A 5D4N Itinerary For “The Last Shangrila”

  The trip to Bhutan took two years of saving and I can tell you personally that it was definitely worth every cent. Bhutan is a small Kingdom known as the Last ...More »

Guest Post: Things You Must Not Miss in Hong Kong

  There is simply no way you can experience all the interesting things of Hong Kong in just one visit, but there are some of them you just absolutely can’t miss 1. ...More »

Phnom Penh: Staycation in Aquarius Urban Hotel

  A weekend away, but still in the city.  It had been awhile since we left Phnom Penh to go anywhere, especially after the incident which left me passport-less for a bit. ...More »


Ghosts in Penang: Bring Something Home.

  Wherever I go for my travels, I’d normally make sure I bring something back for my family, close friends and colleagues. I’m not fancy or big on shopping in malls as I prefer to hit the street markets or ...

Ghosts in Penang: Food for Our Souls

  Most probably you’d be thinking about the ghosts I mentioned in my first post of Penang. This post however is mostly about the food that fed our souls during the whole trip. There’s nothing like Penang food. In fact ...

Ghosts in Penang: Paying The Ferryman.

A spooky stay in Penang.  You might already ask yourselves what’s with the title about ghosts in Penang? I will definitely tell you about it but not now because you’ll need to follow the journey we had from when we ...

Hong Kong : The Last Night

The last night in Hong Kong I slept super early the night before, actually I slept right after we finished our meeting in the evening. The tiredness had accumulated from the morning I left KL! But I felt a lot ...

Hong Kong: Meetings, Eating & Muji

Eat & shopping time after all the meetings. Today was a working day which meant meetings throughout the day which was quite good given the fact that we got to meet our colleagues from the Hong Kong office. By now we ...

Hong Kong: A Short Business Trip

  Excited for my first business trip to Hong Kong. When we were told that we were going to Hong Kong for a short business trip, I was ecstatic. I managed to use up the extra time to explore the lovely country, especially ...

First Nomination for World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012.

The World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012 Just typing this took me more than 5 minutes (such a long name). The World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012 will be held at the PWTC on the 16th February and ...

Semenyih: That First Hike to Broga Hill.

  My first hike up Broga Hill.   I did it! I did it! For someone who doesn’t exercise much, I was quite concerned about whether I would be able to climb for 5 minutes without stopping to pant! For ...