Oui Oui A Delicious Bakery: Levain Boulangerie

A French inspired bakery in KL.

I had read about Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie a tad too many times and salivated over the photos that Nigel had posted in Food n’ Frame. Everytime we wanted to go there, something would come up except for this day. There were no plans, we were hungry and we drove all the way down here for breakfast. The cafe cum bakery lies in this private road which opens up to a row of small buildings and a colonial style bungalow with a stone oven popping out in the front.

Here’s the thing. How is it that this place reminded me so much of the cafes in Paris? The interior, the deco, the way the bread & pastries were arranged near the cash register. I did a quick inspection around the island examining the many types of food which I would give a 10+ (if it was an actual inspection of course). They would bake the bread fresh from the oven and put them out on the counter before it’s arranged neatly in the woven baskets. It does smell wonderfully good. Is it possible to get full just by sniffing the scent?

After inspection we chose our food and queued up at the counter only to find out that there is a procedure in eating in this little quaint place. One needs to enter, find a suitable table that suits oneself, put a ‘Occupied’ sign on it, remember the table number, and then only choose ones’ food. Although we managed to skip all that,  we still got our table quickly, and gave the cashier our number before paying. Woah. It is not as cheap as we thought but it was as good as we thought it would be. At first I only saw the bread spread until I walked over to the other side to see a glass covered shelf with colourful desserts from macaroons to cakes. It was just so tempting yet sinful. I had already 2 trays of bread with me and adding desserts would prove to be chaotic for the tummy so I passed.

We need to choose the bread & then pay. Meanwhile there's more food to choose from.

We need to choose the bread & then pay. Meanwhile there’s more food to choose from.

Many people throng this amazing place during the weekend.

Many people throng this amazing place during the weekend.

Yummy sweet treats only for the deserving (Me! Me! Me!)

Yummy sweet treats only for the deserving (Me! Me! Me!)

Cakes. Macaroons. It just never ends!

Cakes. Macaroons. It just never ends!

Don't know which one to choose? Close your eyes and just pick one.

Don’t know which one to choose? Close your eyes and just pick one.

So many choices of pastries!

We ordered salmon salad, meatball bread, sandwiches, Hawaiian pizza and curry chicken bread. All of it I must say tasted so different from one another and had it’s own flavour & texture. The coffee was amazing and probably cheaper than some of the breads there. We at outside, at the side of the cafe which led to a nice cosy garden area at the back. People had occupied there and were busy chit-chatting and playing catch-up. There was an independent station beside us which had a microwave (to heat the food), utensils, pepper, chilli sauce, sugar, stirrer and such for people like me who love to have a little extra on top of the extra that is already on the bread.

At the end of the meal we were both satisfied and I couldn’t move a muscle. This is just from eating bread ya. They do have pasta and other items on the menu but their main specialty is still the bread, pastries & desserts. If you have a big group you could also head on upstairs where another room is located. If I had friends from overseas visiting me in KL, this would definitely be one of the places where I’d bring them to.

Our breakfast & lunch = brunch.

Our breakfast & lunch = brunch.

The meatball bread was my favourite.

The meatball bread was my favourite.

Contact Details

Where : Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
When : 7:30am – 9:00pm (Monday – Sunday)
URL : www.levain.com.my 
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About Yafieda Jamil

A Malaysian girl currently working abroad in Phnom Penh city. I love a good road trip, hot cappuccinos, spicy food and staring at old buildings. My mission is to inspire people to see the world differently before we all get any older. Oh and giraffes are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

14 Responses to Oui Oui A Delicious Bakery: Levain Boulangerie

  1. Nigel says:

    After reading your write up, I feel like going there again!

    • fienuts says:

      Nigel you should! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about this place actually. 🙂

  2. Fie-Nuts says:

    Oooo now I'm really curious about this burger place! He he. I must try it out and document the queue!

  3. phat_lee says:

    yup.and some of the customer even advice to eat the burger with empty stomach.hehehee…

    yesterday me and alin dah sampai sana…but x dapat makan jugak, coz kenyang.huhuhu…

  4. Fie-Nuts says:

    Take a number and wait Fadli? By the time I get to the burger, I would have fainted from hunger. This is definitely a must try.

  5. phat_lee says:

    the stall is around Carefour or SMK Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju i think…
    hehehe…some of my friends 'kaki makan'…

    pasal burger tu, u need to take a number, and then wait…

  6. Fie-Nuts says:

    Kaw Kaw Burger? I think I heard about that but have no idea where! Isk how come you so adventurous wan. Hehe. Can we just order and pick up later no need to queue? :p

  7. phat_lee says:

    ramai kata the best Mee Udang…

    then pernah try Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar?
    me myself x pernah try, tapi ramai kata lama gila nak q.
    open at 7p.m, 8p.m dah last call…
    walaupun just a stall tepi jalan, but sampai je kena amik nombor.

    ada orang q almost 2 hours.
    try baca…hehehe…


  8. Fie-Nuts says:

    Mee Udang Sungai Dua? What is that! Never heard of me. I do know that it's not easy to find good mee udang. I've tried the ones in cafes but they don't taste as good as the real thing!

  9. phat_lee says:

    hahaha…xpe, still have time laa..
    ever try mee udang Sungai Dua?
    last month ada travel to Penang, tapi x sempat try…
    nnt lepas try fadli btau…

  10. Fie-Nuts says:

    So many good food, so little time!

  11. phat_lee says:

    Hahaha…xpe, Levain x pindah mana pun.still can go there during weekends.hehehe…

    yup, Arab restaurant.own by a Malay women who married with an Arabic. environment pun Arabic.

    have you try Stable Steak House kat Kampung Bharu? last time fadli makan sana, agak ok. but xtau la.taste orang lain2..hehehe…

    and there's also Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor @ Wak Manjor sebelah Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Bharu…

    so now u know la why your cousin yang sorang ni sihat…hehehe…

  12. Fie-Nuts says:

    Alamak Fadli! You didn't tell me about the mushroom soup! I love mushroom soup. OOoohh and spaghetti mushroom. Oh no, now I'm hungrehhhh.

    Ar Rawsha is an Arab restaurant?

  13. phat_lee says:

    yo along, you should try their mushroom soup.thick gilaa… and also spaghetti mushroom.

    i've been there, thanks to Alin.hehehe… kalau x sampai sudah x pegi. try makan at Ar Rawsha kat Bulatan Pandan…

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