Nice-Monaco (Itinerary)


After Paris, we headed out to southern France, in a city called Nice where yachts, beaches and charming French countryside await us. We chose Nice because it was near to Monaco by train and this was where we wanted stopover for a day trip before heading back up to Amsterdam. Both cities were new to us as I’ve only been traveling to Paris and we’ve heard so many good things about the scenery in Nice that we decided to take a look ourselves.

Leaving Paris for Nice.

7:45 am – Took the taxi to Gare du Lyon for Euro 30 (one way). We had no choice as we had 2 luggages to carry and the taxi was quicker at this time. Boarded the TGV train to Nice, sitting on the second class upper deck, backwards this time as the trained rolled out. Should request for seats facing the direction we’re heading next time as this was a long journey.

1:30 pm – Arrived in Nice after 6 hours of train ride. Since we weren’t familiar with the area and to avoid getting lost at this hour (just like what happened in London), we took the cab to Crillon Hotel (Euro 15 one way).

3:00 pm – Headed out to the city walking towards the Massena Square and the beach which was just gorgeous! Everywhere in Nice Ville is a walk away except when you need to head to the train station or somewhere further. Stopped by at Cours Seleya for ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

A day trip to Monaco. 

9:30 am – Walked to the Nice Ville train station to board the 30 minutes train to Monaco.  The train tickets can be bought at the station if you don’t plan on getting it online. It’s also more convenient because you can plan your time when you’re in Nice.

10:30 am – Arrived at the posh train station of Monaco, went up to the first floor and got on the Blue Line bus to Jardin Exotique. Bought the Euro 5 bus pass which allowed us to go on any of the busses for the whole day.

11:30 am – Stopped at Monaco-Ville and walked to the Grand Palace of Prince Rainier while the gloomy skies loomed above us. We decided not to take the risk and headed to Place d’Armes for a quick lunch when the rain started to pour.

1:00 pm – We darted into another bus and stopped at the Casino area only to be drenched when the heavy rain let out. Covered in yellow raincoat we continued walking to the Casino only to turn back for the bus, still wet from head to toe. It took some time before a bus came and we were able to get on it to the train station.

3:00 pm – The rain didn’t stop so we had turn back to Nice before we catch a cold on this trip. When we arrived, we found out that it had been raining the whole day since we left in the morning. We continued walking to our hotel in our yellow raincoat and quickly got some hot drinks, blanket to warm ourselves. We’re lucky to be able to see the city on day 1 if not both trips would have been spent in the hotel lobby.

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