First Nomination for World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012.

The World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012

Just typing this took me more than 5 minutes (such a long name). The World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012 will be held at the PWTC on the 16th February and my personal blog has been nominated!

To be honest, I’ve never heard of it before until recently when I got an email saying I was nominated for the ‘Upcoming Blogger of the Year‘ Category. I was ecstatic and jumping in my shoes at the thought of being nominated but for whatever reason?

There were many categories in the list and as much as I wanted to be part of the Best Travel Blog, I wasn’t nominated in that but still it was okay. Being acknowledged as the upcoming blogger does mean a lot to me and it makes me more gung-ho or motivated to continue writing and becoming better at this.

World Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2012 is  one of the highlights in the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012.

Other Travel Bloggers on the list. 

I wasn’t the only one I know that was nominated in the awards. Here’s a list of friends or people I’ve met who is in the running as well:

Best Celebrity Blog:

Best CSR Blog:

Best F&B Blog:

Best Health & Well-Being Blog:

Best Lifestyle Blog of the Year: 

Best Photography Blog: & 

Best Social Media Award-Public Agency of the Year:

Best Social Media Campaign of the Year – Malaysia:

Best Travel Blog:

Upcoming Blogger of the Year: (that’s me!), &

Cast your votes! 

Now you know where my votes are going to! It’s pretty easy to vote too.

1) Go to the Social Media Awards 2012 website.

2) Sign up to vote for your favourite blogs.

3) Nominate or vote for someone! Me for example!

4) Good luck everyone.

As of today, this blogger is in the top 4 of the ‘Upcoming Blogger of the Year’ category.

Join other activities on the day. 

I went to the  website and discovered that we will having the first ever World Bloggers & Social Media Awards in KL which will highlight the best of the best for their contribution in social media. This event is also one of the highlights of the Malaysia Social Media Week 2012 which will be from 13th – 17th February in PWTC. It is a national event which will see people from all social media world gather to network and to take part in the activities throughout the week.

It’s not just about a group of people meeting up and taking down FB or Twitter details of each other but there’s the Gadgete Galore expo which you can get your geek on the new producst on display. There’s also a Social Media Hub session, Social Media Concert with artists such as Hujan, Dennis Lau & Shaun Lee, Altimet and Najwa among others. Besides that there will also be Social-Poly game, Amazing Social Media Hunt, Graffiti Art and the Social Media Photo Contest.

You can join in any of these activities by registration online. Don’t forget to bring your friends, nominate and vote for the bloggers you like and come to the event!

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