My First Airbnb Stay in Bangkok


Trying something new.

I must confess that when I signed up for Airbnb a few years back, I never really got into renting out a place from the website. This was merely because I have gotten used to the hotels with its lounge, breakfast (included) and the concierge who was there to assist in our travel plans in the particular city. We decided that, okay, we should finally give Airbnb a try despite the horror stories we read.

Looking up all the plus points on Airbnb.

We chose Airbnb for our Bangkok stay because we were going to spend more than a week there, and staying in an apartment with kitchen facilities seemed more affordable. The research was the fun part as the website allowed us to search for lodgings based on our preferences. We did our research and narrowed it down to the following points:

  • Entire home/apartment (I’m not really the sharing room type).
  • At least has 1 bedroom
  • Accommodates 2-3 people
  • Has a kitchen, internet, cable TV, security guard
  • Close distance to the MRT/BTS station
  • Within the vicinity or restaurants, 7-Elevens, markets
  • Hosts that are reliable, with good reviews
  • Nothing more than $30 a night
Navigating the Airbnb site is quite easy.

Navigating the Airbnb site is quite easy.


Click “Book” and wait for the magic to happen. 

Finally we chose Ivy Ratchada Apartment, located in Sutthisan area, which was close to the city. We booked our stay with Fai, our host for this lodging and she responded very quickly to our questions about the area. Although the booking fee was $29 per night, this does not include the cleaning & Airbnb service fee. However when we added everything together, weighed the pros and cons, the entire accommodation was still within our budget. It’s also a plus point when the apartment has its own swimming pool and gym that we’re able to use during our stay.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.53.08 PM

Compare prices and browse through locations before booking your stay.



How the stay gave me a glimpse of life in Bangkok.

I must say that the whole experience with Airbnb showed me what living in Bangkok would be like. We pretended that this was our home, bought groceries from the nearby supermarket (and 7-eleven), did our laundry downstairs in the common area, read a book while watching the kids swim in the pool, explored the area on foot and went about town using the city train system.

Fai was a good host who came to see us at the apartment and allowed us to place our bags while the room was being cleaned. We came back later in the evening to a neat studio apartment that comes with a cute living room, dining table for two, a kitchen unit and a bathroom. The room had an air conditioner, water heater, closet and kitchen utensils. There’s even a broom for us to sweep the floor, which we did on our last day. We kept the blinds closed though because it was fronting another apartment (not very near but we could see the lights and balcony across from us).

Cosy living hall with in a studio apartment.

Cosy living hall with in a studio apartment.

Small kitchen unit with refrigerator, kettle, and a microwave.

Small kitchen unit with refrigerator, kettle, and a microwave.

Laundry area available to residents for only 30B per washing and 10B for the dryer.

Laundry area available to residents for only 30B per washing and 10B for the dryer.


I wouldn’t mind staying in Airbnb again!

The entire stay in Bangkok was comfortable and convenient, that I wouldn’t mind trying out Airbnb during my travels; especially because I found that it is suitable for long stays or group traveling. That and the fact that you could get travel tips from the community is also a plus point. I should start planning for the next long holiday and maybe look out for a tree house or something unique for my next stay.

Have you ever booked with Airbnb? How was the experience? 

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