MURFEST 2015 – Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival


Recently, the folks behind MURFEST invited us to their event which will be held from November 13-15 in Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, Malaysia.

Before attending the event, I had to of course find more about it since this was the first time I’ve ever heard about it. As it turns out, this will be the second MURFEST festival held in the country with activities related to wellness, health and enjoyment.

So here’s what it’s all about.


It is the largest Wellness, Music and Dance festival, happening at a new Urban location in Kuala Lumpur. MURFEST is also pegged to be the Top 5 Wellness Festivals in South East Asia, mapping Malaysia on a global platform as a regional wellness and retreat destination.

According to the festival founder & director Shobie Malani, MURFEST aims to educate the young and invigorate the souls of our seniors to embrace a wellness or fitness practice that they can adapt into their lifestyle. They hope to bring the communities together to gain knowledge, change mindsets, to cultivate a mindful, and healthy society.



Join hundreds other wellness seekers for some zenspiration.

Now here’s the best part. MURFEST is going to have over 80 classes to choose from the different categories, during the 3-days festival. That’s really a lot of spoilt choices for participants as they get to indulge and experience something new each day.

There’s 3 part to this festival mainly wellness, music and dance with a rockstar line-up such as Simon Borg Oliver, Melissa Smith, Kosta Miachin, and MURFEST’s very own ambassador Atilia Haron. I’m excited about this one ever since I read about her inspiring yoga workouts, which she shares from her “Yogaonethatiwant” studio. These programmes would definitely awaken the “Urban Spirit” in all of us!

Murfest3 Murfest5 Murfest6


What else is there at MURFEST?

You and I are going be spoilt for choices at this three-day festival with over 80 classes to choose from the different categories – yoga, aqua yoga, zumba, capoeira, motivational speakers, sound healers and many more.

There’s also the newly launched JUST BE Markets is a niche place where communities get to connect and network with wellness experts. The grand finale will be the URBANITE concert with international and local band performance!

I’m not sure how I’m going to be splitting up my time for all the interesting programme line-up!



Book your tickets quick!

With so many choices, you’ll have to book your tickets quickly before it gets snapped up. Just go to the MURFEST website and click on this link  for ticket prices! For further inquiries, you can email to / .


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