Mid Year Travel Review

It’s September and we have three more months to go before the year ends. Time flies by so quickly! During this time, I’ve had the chance to look at the list of places I am supposed to travel to in 2013 and there’s still a long way to go. I only keep the list as a motivation to work harder and to play hard when the time comes. From this list, I’ve managed to cross out two places and even though I have yet to visit the remaining countries, there were some ‘accidental’ trips that happened along the way.


I know Philippines has plenty of beautiful islands which are fit for diving and snorkeling. Alas, I don’t have a divers’ certificate yet therefore that activity is out for the time being. However, I love beaches and I’ve been wanting to sink my brown feet into the pearl white beach of Boracay this year.  Planning it proved to be a challenge as the flights from KUL-Manila has to coincide with the flight from Manila-Caticlan and the boat heading out to Boracay. If this doesn’t materialize this year, it could still happen in 2014.

Boracay Island - Photo by Biqque from Beauty in Darkness

Boracay Island – Photo by Biqque from Beauty in Darkness



The last country in my Indochina adventure which I have yet to explore. Most of my friends and even sister has adviced me on heading out of Vientianne to the historical Luang Prabang, where the UNESCO Heritage site is located.  This is still on my must go list and just like Boracay islands, there’s planning to be made on the flights from KUL-Vientianne and then out to Luang Prabang. There’s also the cost of the flight that is quite expensive because there are not many flights out to this city from Kuala Lumpur, unless I make a pitstop in Bangkok and travel out from there. I am  looking forward to exploring the heritage site in this beautiful country.

A beautiful lake in Luang Prabang - photo by Glamourous Traveller

A beautiful lake in Luang Prabang – photo by Glamourous Traveller



I put Taiwan on the list this year because I had wanted to go back to east and Japan was way out of my budget. Having visited countries such as Hong Kong and South Korea, would their culture be similar I wonder. Taiwan is also known for its’ exotic street food and bubble teas which I’m hoping I could try. Friends have also recommended that I visit the rolling hills and  lush green landscape outside the bustling city as there are more things to experience there. They said there’s also a Safari theme park somewhere in the outskirts (is this true?) which made me curious. If there really is one in Taiwan, then it would be closer to visit it than taking the long journey to South Africa.

Taiwan Night Market - photo by Diana Teo

Taiwan Night Market – photo by Diana Teo


Sri Lanka

An island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India, this is one country I would like to visit before I travel to India. I’ve heard that Colombo has beautiful temples and oozes of rich historical temples. Friends say that it is a country which is totally unexpected in terms of its’ environment, local activities and laid back attitude. One could relax here in the natural surrounding or take part in a cooking demonstration in one of the local villages. I wouldn’t mind adding this experience into my list and also learning to cook a thing or two.

The hues of sunset at Madulkelle Tea Estate - photo by

The hues of sunset at Madulkelle Tea Estate – photo by Shooting Star



When I was in Hong Kong it was for a business trip therefore I did not have the chance to cross over to Macau and see the sin city for myself.  Although gambling is not a past time but when you’re not able to enter the local (Malaysian) casinos due to religion reasons, you become curious to see how it’s being done. The most I have I seen were from Hollywood or Hong Kong movies with the ringing slot machines and roulette boards. It would be nice to observe the manics in the casino and pretend to be part of the craziness. Of course Macau is not just about that. There’s also the French like buildings and the boat ride which reminds me of romantic Venice!

Exterior of The Venetian Macau - photo by kampungboycitigal

Exterior of The Venetian Macau – photo by kampungboycitigal



There’s just something magical about Bhutan, from its’ unique temples to the happiness index which the country practices. You can’t help but feel the same when you’re there. Although I am not a big fan of hiking the mountains but for Bhutan, I might make an exception and amp up the gym workout just to see these beautiful landmarks. This will be the ultimate destination in my travel list this year as it is also not the easiest to go to what with visa costing USD 250 per day. I am hopeful that this will happen and if it does, it will be a nice sweet travel adventure before the new year begins.

Paro Taktsang also known as Taktsang Goemba or Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest - photo taken by Romancing the Planet

Paro Taktsang also known as Taktsang Goemba or Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest – photo taken by Romancing the Planet


Are you halfway through your travel destination list as well? 


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4 Responses to Mid Year Travel Review

  1. Izar says:

    Bhutan and Laos is in my bucket list too… but USD250 per day is out of my budget 🙁 will settle for Laos then… adehh

    • fienuts says:

      USD250 a day is not cheap but it’s worth to contribute to their Happiness Gross Index. I’d like to see what makes them a happy lot!

  2. I don’t have a travel destination list. I just travel wherever and whenever I find a cheap ticket. 😀 So I can’t really say if I’m halfway through or not. From your list above though, Manila is now on my list because I already have tickets for that (yahoo!). Apart from that, I’d love to check out Sri Lanka but maybe not in the near future. Some time next year, perhaps.

    • fienuts says:

      You’re lucky to have won that ticket RaW and that’s on my list. I keep the list so that I know all the hard work will pay off as soon as my feet sets into that particular destination. It is definitely worth it.

      Sri Lanka has gorgeous historical setting. It’s like an unexpected journey. 🙂

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