London-Paris (Itinerary)


London was lovely for our 3 days stay there and we were ready for our next city, Paris. Putting all the bus rides behind us, our next mode of transportation from here on was via trains and domestic flights as we needed to save more travel time exploring the cities. We became more aware and prepared for our next journey in terms of packing, getting the public transportations, as well as looking out for the best transportation prices in the city.

Day 1 – Train Hopping to Paris, France.

8:00 am – Wanted to take the black cab to the St Pancras International Station at 6:00 am but decided against it when the hotel reception told us the price would be expensive. We dragged our luggage instead to the train station, got a train stamp on our passport during check-in and boarded the Eurostar train to Paris (Euro 155 for 2 persons). Walked to the bar in Coach 14 and got a latte with chocolates while enjoying the view of England.

11:30 am – Arrived at Gare du Nord, Paris, where a private taxi wanted to take us to the Hotel Boisierre for Euro 60 a ride. We declined and took the meter taxi instead for Euro 20 to Levallois-Perret which is about 15-20 minutes out from Paris. It was okay for us because the Louis-Michel train station was just 5 minutes away and we could go to the city within minutes.

1:00 pm – Took the train out to Charles de Gaulle and went on the L’Open Bus Tour to the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to go on the Batobus but the lady at the counter told us to get our tour bus ticket stamped first. Since we forgot to do that, we canceled the Batobus tour for the day and instead went back on the tour bus for a city ride, taking note of where we wanted to stop and explore the next day.

Day 2 – Visiting Paris.

8:00 am – Got on the train to Bastille and visited the market, which was 5 minutes away from the station. It was recommended by our friend Dian and we explored the stalls selling fruits, meat, crustacean, flowers and halal bites.

11:00 am – Went on to Madeleine and found out that most of the shops were closed on a Sunday. We then headed back to the Eiffel Tower, spending more time there walking in the park before getting on the Batobus boat tour.

1:00 pm – We stopped at Notre Dame and walked to Ponte du Arts where the locks can be found hanging on the fences of the bridge. Along the way, we got a few souvenir items such as coasters, arts, postcards and posters.

3:00 pm – Spent the rest of the afternoon around Champs Elysses, walking in and out of the shops, looking out for good bargains.

6:00 pm – Went back to Louis-Michel station and had dinner at a Kebab shop with generous portion of rice, meat and Coca Cola. Packed the suitcase for our next city stop to Nice, France.

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