Top 10 Tourist Things To See In London

#1 Hop on the London Big Bus Tour.

Since my mum was free today and would only begin her seminar tomorrow, we decided to go on a London Big Bus Tour. These tours can be found on any street corner in London. All you need to do is walk up to the staff wearing the red jackets and they’ll explain the whole tour. It costs 24pounds per person and the journey takes about half a day to a day depending on your stops. Meaning you can get on and off the bus as it stops at each designated points.

#2 Watch the changing of the Horse Guards at Whitehall

We stopped at Whitehall which is one of the most important streets int he world, to watch the changing of the Horse Guards. The Life Guards (in red) and the Blues and Royals (in blue) have been guarding the gateway since Tudor times. You can take photos with the guards at the main entrance before entering the large parade ground inside, for the Horse Guards Parade. It was formerly the site of the Palace of Whitehall’s tilt yard, where tournaments were held in the time of Henry VIII, between knights in armour. Changing of the Guard takes place daily at 11.00 am (10.00   am on Sundays) and lasts about half an hour.
The entrance of Horse Guards Arch at Whitehall.

The entrance of Horse Guards Arch at Whitehall.

#3 Visit the Tower of London

I found the Tower of London which to be the most interesting place for the day. It’s my first view of a real life castle! The were many towers mostly used for imprisonment & tales of punishment. Lady Jane Green was beheaded and laid to rest underneath the Green Towers for claiming to be Queen. She only reigned for 9 days and was only 16 years old when she was executed. The famous “Other Boleyn Sister” was executed & buried at the same tower as well. A few creepy tingling moment happened while we were walking around the towers. Also don’t forge to say hello to the Yeoman Warder men who will share with you stories of this historical landmark. Cost? 12.50pounds per person if you purchase from the Big Bus Tour. Definitely worth it.

These sights in the Tower of London are 'unmissable'.

These sights in the Tower of London are ‘unmissable’.

#4 Watch Big Ben

Who can forget the famous Big Ben? Located at Westminister, this particular structure is hard to miss. Technically, Big Ben is the name given to the massive bell inside the clock tower, which weighs more than 13 tons (13,760 kg).  The clock tower looks spectacular at night when the four clock faces are illuminated. So make sure to get off the bus and snap loads of pictures while you’re there. We did and this was the best shot taken by my sister. Look at how small the people are! Grand isn’t it?
Big Ben is one the most popular landmarks in the world.

Big Ben is one the most popular landmarks in the world.

#5 Cruise Under the London Bridge

And then once you’re done with the Tower of London, make sure you take the boat to Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line.) and then back to the Eye of London. The whole journey takes 2 hours and its free (courtesy of the Big Bus Tour of course). So relax enjoy the view and wind and have a hot coffee which is available at the lower deck of the boat. Oh if you’re not seasick, stay on the upper deck where you can bask in the whole view from above which is just super gorgeous. Once you reach London Bridge, wave to the people above and if they wave back, you’ll have 7 years of luck (according to the boat guide)! Luckily for us, lots of people waved from the bridge!
London Bridge ain't falling down.

London Bridge ain’t falling down.

#6 Learning History At The British Museum

If you’re a history lover like me and prefer to spend your entire day with more than two million objects in one space, you would definitely be at home here in the British Museum. We walked floor after floors admiring all the artifacts on display and reading as many descriptions as we can until we lost track of time. There are 2 million years of history in just about the first 100 objects that we saw and that’s just on the first floor. You can plan your walkabout via the different cultures from Aztecs to Imperial China or by the years. The British Museum opens everyday from 10am to 5:30pm and the admission is free!
Getting Lost in the British Museum

Getting Lost in the British Museum

#7 Viewing the City From The Eye Of London

My sister and I decided to take a ride on the London Eye one afternoon while Mother was busy with her conference. Lucky for us, it was a weekday and the crowd was quite minimal as compared to the weekends. Did you know that the height of the London Eye is equivalent to 65 red telephones piled on top of each other? Yes, and that makes it the fourth tallest structure in London. The London Eye holds up to 25 people in each of its’ 32 capsules.  We managaed to stand at the the best spot to capture a birds’ eye view of London, especially Big Ben. It was simply gorgeous. I’d recommend it if you want to see the beautiful city of London. The London Eye opens from 10am til 8:30pm from September to December.
That's extremely high *gulp*

That’s extremely high *gulp*

#8 Relaxing At Trafalgar Square

Sitting at the heart of London is one of the city’s most vibrant open spaces called Trafalgar Square. At the top of the staircase we turned to see the full of view of the square and what its’ people we up to. There were children playing catch while their parents had casual chat with one another, musician strumming to Nirvana ‘Smell Like Teen Spirit’ near the fountain and tourists taking as many photos as they can. This locatuon is often used for special events and celebrations like the Royal Wedding, St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, filming and photograpy, rallies and demonstration. I spent the afternoon here with my sister taking photos, playing with the pigeons and embracing the sunlight. It’s such a good place to watch people and spend time with your loved one.
I made it to the grand Trafalgar Square!

I made it to the grand Trafalgar Square!

#9 Brain Tuning At The British Science Museum

Anohther brain tuning session took place at the British Science Museum which was my sisters’ favourite space as she loves Science so much. The whole entire museum was so large that I had to take a seat at the ground floor to study them first before we made our way up as there were 7 floors altogether. (We took a toilet break before going up to the next floor). This is not a typical museum where you walk through the floors and read the descriptions on the wall. There are a lot of engagements with the visitors for every floor and my favourite was the ‘Cosmos and Cultures’ section where I got to see and light up stars in a display booth. The entrance to the British Science Museum is free so why not have a go at it when you’re in town?
One can get extremely lost in this science whizz place.

One can get extremely lost in this science whizz place.

#10 Portobello Road Market Find

Mum had more free time today and alas we took the bus to Porobello Road Market to see what unique things we could find before we returned home to KL. The market is the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling all kinds of antiques and collectibles from brass vases to vintage license plates. My mum was so excited to see the street and its’ colourful things that we almost lost her in the sea of people. The Portobello Road Market happens every Saturday and it is free to the public. All you need to do is bring your shopping bag or cart if the items are too big to carry home.
You can scout for many interesting local finds here at Portobello Market.

You can scout for many interesting local finds here at Portobello Market.

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