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Stopping in Country #27 

Vientiane is an administrative city for Laos with a very relaxing atmosphere. It reminded me a lot like Phnom Penh city, with a more organized and cleaner streets, as well as amazing architectural buildings. We were here for the New Years and during this time, the city was a bit quiet which gave us opportunity to walk around with ease (less crowd too). There were definitely more things to see by foot but there was also a trip we made by bus to an interesting landmark called Buddha Park.

Pretty mural in Vientiane


Bus Hop to Buddha Park – A Cheaper Alternative

The first option to Buddha Park was to ask the hotel reception, who told us that the cost would be US $35 per person for half day trip. Bart later found an alternative way with a local bus ride which costs only 6,000 kip (US $0.72) to go there. A return ticket would cost us 12,000 kip (US $1.45) which is still cheaper than the hotel version.

Note: It’s good to check for another option if you’re traveling on a budget like us. 

From our hotel, we walked 15 minutes to Talat Sao bus Station and looked out for bus number 14 which was headed for Buddha Park. The bus leaves every 20 minutes and lucky for us, when we got there, it was already getting ready to depart.

The Park is located 25km away which meant a journey of 1 hour to and from the city. The bus ride was smooth and not crowded. We picked up and dropped off a few passengers along the way, the ticket collector busy counting the change for the 6,000 kip ride.

Taking Bus number 14 to Buddha Park


Feeling amazed in Buddha Park

The reason why I wanted to visit this place was because it was a sculpture park with many religious images, containing over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues. According to the notice board, the Buddha Park was built by Luang Pu, a priest who integrated both religion in this area. He was very much influenced with the teachings that he started this park close to the Thai-Laos border.

The highlight of this landmark was the Pumpkin Tower, which contains the three levels representing hell, earth and heaven. The entrance was carved with an evil looking demon with its mouth opened wide. We entered it and walked around in a circle until we found a narrow staircase going up to the next floor. In the middle of this tower is a space with more Buddha relics, which we peeked through the hole in the brick wall. This was earth.

We reached the top before climbing the final staircase to the outdoor roof, clinging onto the rails for safety. The view of the Buddha Park from above was amazing, you could see every single sculpture laid out in the green field below us and the top of the tower just above us. Another large sculpture can be seen on the left which was the meter long Reclining Buddha.

Climbing down from the Pumpkin Tower, we walked around the field to see more sculptures of humans, Gods, animals and demons. It was certainly strange seeing all of these in one place at the same time I was interested in seeing how they were carved and stayed intact until today. Some were covered in moss, and had a little dent but other than that, you could see the full shape and image of each sculpture.

I would recommend visiting Buddha Park if you’re traveling to Vientiane as this provides a local insight into the history of religion in this country. When you’re done, just cross the street and wait at the bus stop for the next bus back to Vientiane city.

The pumpkin tower in the middle of Buddha Park stands 3-stories tall

Entering the Pumpkin Tower through this demon mouth.

Climb to the top of Pumpkin Tower for a view of the statues in Buddha Park

The reclining Buddha sits quietly in this park.

Statues in Buddha Park

Statues with carving of gods and humans in this area.

Once you finish visiting Buddha Park, just walk across the road to get the bus back to Vientiane.


Here’s how to reach the location: 

Name:  Buddha Park
Address:  Thanon Tha Deua 
City:  Vientiane, Laos
Contact:  +856 21 212 248
Opening Hours:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Entrance Fee:  5,000 kip per person + 3,000 kip for camera


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  1. Lana says:

    wow the decoration! all pictures looks really beautiful. I like the beauty and nature of that place. Thanks

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      Hi Lana,

      The statues are very unique and different from what I’ve seen before.
      Glad you enjoyed this article.

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