Kota Kinabalu: The Original Fish Spa!

Poring Hot Springs.

First we were cold and now we’re hot.

The Poring Hot Springs is located near Kundasang so your journey should include this place as well to save travel time. There is an admission fee to enter and you’ll have to climb down a set of stone covered stairs before you reach a hanging bridge. Not for the ill hearted though but the view of the river running under is magnificent.

We finally made it to the hot spring area and chose the seated place where we can just dip our feet and relax. Now there were 3 rows of water and we chose the nearest to us but didn’t realise how hot it was until our toes dipped the surface and we screamed immediately because it was boiling hot and I felt cooked immediately! A local couple sitting opposite of us just stared in amusement because they were sitting there as though the water temperature is something they’re used to everyday until another guy leaped leg first into our water and yelped too! And so it seems that the place where we’re sitting was exposed to the sun the whole day and was the warmest and the hottest amongst all. My aunt & mum however managed to ignore the pain and sat there in zen mode until they were covered in sweat.

There’s also the bathing area if you want to experience a hot shower in public via natural spring water of course. The tub is quite deep and you can fill it up to your desired height. Kinda fun but must bring a bathing suit along though ya. It is said the water is able to cure squeeky joints and lower the blood pressure and such. Maybe it just made people relaxed a bit more.

Ready for some heat?

Ready for some heat?

Kids taking a dip in the hot spring.

Kampung Luanti Fish Farm

Our last drive was to Kg Luanti Fish Farm where this natural fish spa was hidden in the heart of a village. It is seriously out of nowhere that you find this place and unless you engage with a local tour guide or a local person, you won’t know that this exist at all! There were rules before we go into the river such as we’re not allowed to take the fish out from river and to hurt it in anyway. I was quite scared at first but I did try and put my feet in just up to my ankles and let those big giant fish eat the dead skin off me. Oh my goodness, it felt like tiny electrods pinching at my skin giving me a buzz and I could feel the slimy body swimming pass my feet and the lil’ ones fighting with the big one to feed off me. But it beats those tiny fish spa back in KL!

Look at this dude! If I was squirmish in the water up to my ankles, I can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now.. and I don’t want to know! That’s a whole lot of dead cells to feed them up to next week. Check out those huge fish!

That is ticklish!

That is ticklish!

That's a whole lot of big fishes.

That’s a whole lot of big fishes.

Kampung Bonggol Tamparuli

After getting our feet spa treatment, we headed back to our hotel but along the way, Julius made a stop at a small hut in Kampung Bongol Tamparuli selling durians. My mum and aunt had earlier craved for local durians as they looked & tasted differently from the ones back home. She said there’s even a red colour durian (inside the fruit) which can only be found here and it’s sweeter. This version however had longer thorns and bigger seeds. I didn’t try it but the three of them including Julius said that it was really, really good and tasted differently than the ones in KL. The only way I’m eating this is by melting it in a pot and turning it into durian gravy. I hope noone burps in the car after this. Grr..
Durian anyone?

Durian anyone?

Wish I knew what it tastes like.

Wish I knew what it tastes like.


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