How To Renew Your Malaysian Passport in 2 Hours

Check your passport expiry date.  

It has come to my attention that my passport has entered it’s expiry period. Even though I have about 5 months to go on it, I needed to renew the passport for my upcoming travel and I wanted to avoid doing it at the last minute. To tell you the truth, I had assumed that doing this would be easy. I mean, all I needed to do was search for the nearest Immigration Office, pop up, submit the relevant documents and be out in a jiff. However I failed to take note that even though some offices are opened on weekends and after office hours, there will still be a long queue.

I actually went to two different UTC locations and one Immigration office in Sri Hartamas area and was told that the queuing numbers were finished. Therefore I had to come the next day. This was weird because it was only 2 pm and they had stopped giving out the numbers even though the offices closes at 6 pm. Anyways I did manage to renew my passport in the end and it took 2 hours to get it done. Here are some tips if you wish to renew your Malaysian passport anytime soon.

Locate the nearest Immigration office for your convenience.

I say this with love because there are a few offices which opens on weekends like Mini UTC Sentul and UTC Pudu Sentral which are located in the city centre. This would mean that you may have to go through major traffic to get there and by the time you arrive there would probably be a long queue, unless you come in early of course. Since I needed to settle this on a weekday, I decided to look for one that’s near my office. Some friends had suggested the KIPPAS passport kiosk in Pusat Bandar Damansara but I read somewhere that it has since been moved to the Immigration Office in Sri Hartamas. Since it’s even nearer to my office, that sounded like a safer bet. The one I went to was located in the Ministry of Affairs building where the National Registration Office and Marriage Department is housed as well making it a one stop convenience centre.

The Ministry of Home Affairs houses the Immigration office among others.

The Ministry of Home Affairs in Sri Hartamas houses the Immigration office among others.

Arrive Early.

When I mean early, I really mean EARLY. I had decided to go to the Immigration Office in Hartamas which officially opens at 8 am. I was already out of my house at 6:30am and arrived there around 7:15 am. From the ground floor I could already spot people queuing for both the Immigration and the National Registration Office and it was long. Luckily I brought along a magazine and a book to kill time while standing in queue (number 15 in line). At exactly 7:30 am the  glass door opened and we walked in an orderly manner to get our  numbers. There are plenty of counters there for submission, collection, information and payment which makes up for less waiting time.

The queue at 7:30 in the morning outside of the Immigration Office.

The queue at 7:30 in the morning, outside of the Immigration Office.


Prepare the necessary documentation.

Before you take your number at the queue, you’ll need to bring the following documents:

  • Two passport sized photographs with white background.
  • Your current passport.
  • Identification Card (I.C.).
  • Passport renewal validity: In Jan 2015, there will only be a passport renewal for 5 years only. 
  • Money : RM200 (13-59 years old), RM100 (60 years and above/12 years below/Haj pilgrims), Free (Individual with disabilities)
  • No forms to fill (hooray!)

When they called my number 1009 at 7:40 am, I had all the documents prepared and the process took a mere 10 minutes. All I needed to do was sign the form and have my thumbprints (both left and right) for verified. After that I had to wait for my number to be called for payment purposes where a receipt will be issued for passport collection. My IC was also returned during this time (I thought I had misplaced it earlier during submission). I was quite surprised when the lady at the cashier booth said that I could collect my passport in one hours’ time. This was at 7:58 am.

Prepare all the necessary documents before renewing the passport.

Prepare all the necessary documents before renewing the passport.

Pick up your passport. 

While other people headed downstairs to the food court for a quick breakfast, I decided to stay on and read my book. It was after all just an hour to wait. By this time, more people had walked in to get their queue numbers to get their passports done.  I saw my number called up by 8:58am and got my passport ready and out the door by 9:15 am. This gave me enough time to drive back to office and clock in by 9:30am. I was so happy with the fact that I didn’t have to wait half a day to get my new passport! Hope these current quick tips help in getting your new passport.

The old passport (left) with the newer bio-metric version.

The old passport (left) with the newer bio-metric version.


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74 Responses to How To Renew Your Malaysian Passport in 2 Hours

  1. Eli says:

    Hi, wanna ask so how much did they extend for you,? I mean did they add 5 years from the date you applied or did they add more from your left over 5 months?
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Steven says:

    Hi dear, does children’s below 18 need to bring their parents along with them?

  3. Lim says:

    Hi need to double confirm with u that now if need renew passport just only bring old passport and IC and cash, just enough ? don’t need to photo anymore and fill in the form ?

  4. Mahes says:

    Hi,,, I want to renew my passport.. What are the documents require to bring for renew? Pls advise. Thanks

  5. Chris says:

    My passport expired in Feb. can I renew without the old passport with me?

  6. Woo Yuen Foh says:

    My father just got the new passport and found only one name attached on passport, Actually His IC had two names, unfortunately he had booked air ticket with use other name which not similar as current passport.
    Could he add in another name at current passport ? or replace new passport?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi there,

      I’m not sure about this situation as it would be best to check with our Immigration.
      You can contact them at this number: +60 3-8092 6023

  7. Wong says:

    hi may I know if sat or sunday apply renewing passport can take away directly by that day or not?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Wong,

      It would take 1-2 hours for the passport to be done. And so it depends also on the crowd on that day.
      I would suggest checking with the officer at the counter when you get your queue ticket.

  8. Mcnih says:

    Hai, Im going to spain in April 2017, but my passport expired on 5th Dec 2017, still valid to travel? thanks

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Mcnih,

      It’s still more than 6 months so I guess it’s okay.
      To be sure, you can contact the Immigration Office to have a better idea.

  9. Ivy says:

    Good day….how to renew an Expired passport?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Ivy,

      You can go to the nearest Immigration or UTC office and apply for a new passport there.
      Just need to bring cash to pay for the new passport fee.

  10. Loh Mee Eng says:

    Hi morning , can i check to you , my passport expire Sep 2017 but July 2017 i want go to Taiwan holiday , can i renew passport Oct ?

  11. Loga says:

    Whom concern
    I want renew my passport…but I missing current passport! It’s already exp on April..tq

  12. Siraj says:

    Is it possible to renew my passport in other states, for example in ipoh, although my exisitng passport was issued in Selangor?

  13. Chan says:

    Hi, can i get my passport on the aame day if i do it at 5pm at UTC

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Chan,

      Usually if it’s done at 5pm, you’ll need to go back the next day.
      But you can check with Immigration office.

    • Joann says:

      Did you have your passport successfully. Cause rumors about people are there midnight till the next day and no luck.

      • fienuts says:

        Hi Joann,

        I had mine done earlier this year so there was no long queue. The current situation is that there will be a delay in the renewal process due to minimal passports available (or you can say that there are more Malaysians traveling about this year!). The news reported that everything will be in order again by January.

  14. Casd says:

    Do I’ve to bring photo for renew passport, thank you

  15. Shirley says:

    I want to renew my son passport who was 12 years old, do he need both parent to attend

  16. Dana says:

    Can I know what documents that I need to bring to renew passport

  17. James Ho says:

    Hi Fienuts,

    I am going to apply for a new passport for the first time. Are the procedures the same as renewing an existing passport? Thank you. 🙂

  18. Gordon Foo says:

    Hi Fienuts,

    I went to the Kotaraya at JB for the renewal, they said system now is down. And maybe down on tomorrow. I have flight on tomorrow night. I am really panic now.

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Gordon,

      I’m not sure how to help you on this besides perhaps you need to postpone your trip until your passport is renewed.


  19. Jasen says:

    Do we still need to bring our own photo to Immigration office?
    Thought they will capture for us directly just like what JPN did for the IC renewal?

  20. Patmavathy says:

    i would like renew my passport (M’sia). so, how much i need to pay?

  21. Christine Tham says:

    If i reach utc johor on 8pm to renew my passport, when can i collect my new passport. The next day? Need collect by myself? Need prepare any documents?

  22. Steve says:

    Hi, I plan to renew my passport, however I saw their website mentioned applicant has to bring original IC & photocopy IC, original birth cert and photocopy birth cert? Is that true? Thanks.


    • fienuts says:

      Hi Steve,

      If you plan to renew, then you just need the old passport and IC.
      Otherwise you can call the office to confirm.

  23. Louis Chan says:

    if my passport already expired, do i still able to renew or i hv to apply again?

  24. cherrie lua says:

    if im renew my passport at kuala selangor office how many hour i can get it?thanks.

    • fienuts says:

      Not sure Cherrie. You’ll need to ask them first I guess. However what I went through was just 2 hours at the Mont Kiara area.

  25. Alina says:

    Oh, just to let you know, as of Jan 2015, there is only one kind of international passport: five years period costing Rm200 (rm100 for special cases.)

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Alina,

      Thank you for the latest update and attachment! This is really helpful since I’m also due to renewing my passport soon.


  26. Alina says:

    This is very helpful, thank you!

  27. nicholas says:

    Where to take passport photo?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Nicholas,

      You can take it at the customs office nowadays. If not you can take photos from the photo shop.

  28. Ian Chong says:

    I just want to say that my passport expires on 21st December and I found your article to be most useful in getting it done in time for Christmas!

  29. Thiriloganathan says:

    Hi, I would like to check with you if its possible to take passport size photos there or should I get it done earlier?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Thiriloganthan,

      My friend recently went and got his passport photos taken there so it is possible although previously when I went, the machines were out of order.
      You can try the one at Mont Kiara, that’s where he did. If not just bring 2 in case.

  30. Edward says:

    ahhh typing error sorry. I’m asking if I don’t have old passport with me. Can I still renew my passport by only using ic?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Edward,

      They will need the old passport to cancel it out if I’m not mistaken.
      If not, you can go their website and give them a call at the Customer Service Line just to be sure.

  31. Edward says:

    Hi, what if i dont have my old passport along with me, can i still go to renew with my ic?

  32. LBH says:

    Hi, does this mean that if I need to renew my passport on weekends I can only go to the UTCs?

    • fienuts says:

      Hi LBH,

      No it doesn’t mean you need to go UTC. You can go to any Immigration offices around KL (or the country) as well. The UTC is convenient if you have other documents to settle, like renewing IC/road tax/getting marriage license etc.

  33. lww says:

    Hi.what if i dont have the new ic but with the old one which is done when i was primary 6.So,can i renew my passport first without renew my Ic?

    • fienuts says:


      Perhaps you can check with the Registration department which is also in the same building if you plan to go to their office in Mont Kiara.

  34. wong shu jun says:

    how can i renew my passport on;line

    • fienuts says:

      Hi Shu Jun,

      I’m afraid this service is not available online. You’ll still need to go to the nearest Immigration office to renew your passport.

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