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Ever since I’ve been consumed with my usual 9-5 day job (make that 9-8 job), I tend to spend my weekends being a hermit in my one-room apartment. This would happen until I feel restless and itchy to go somewhere or to see something new.

Well this itchiness did happen one weekend. While I was on a ride to work, I noticed a new hotel which looked like it was part of the Royal Palace. The sign said “Palace Gate” and I was curious. I ended up typing Palace Gate as soon as lunch break hit and my eyes started to open wide with excitement.

Just so you know, I normally get excited over the smallest thing that is new to me.

The Palace Gate was perfect for a staycation weekend. Agoda urged me on by showing photos after photos of this beautiful hotel that came with positive reviews. Before I could stop myself, I clicked “Book Now” for a one-night Royal Deluxe stay in Palace Gate Phnom Penh.

I am so gullible when it comes to Agoda’s deal of the day.

Arriving at Palace Gate Hotel. 

As it turns out, Palace Gate Hotel is newly renovated and has a nice view of the Royal Palace area. The best part about this is that you can walk to major attractions within the city center area, without paying for a tuk tuk ride.

What interests me the most about Palace Gate Hotel is the 80-year old French colonial building that now serves as the hotels fine dining restaurant. Most of the Royal villas were abandoned during the war, and they are now slowly becoming part of the country’s iconic architecture setting.

I was greeted by Grace, a lovely Guest Relations staff at the reception area. While waiting for the room key, a waiter comes by and serves a glass of iced lemongrass juice (which is my favorite when the weather gets scorching hot). I glanced around and walked towards the glass window with a wide view of the blue swimming pool.

In my mind, I’m already planning how long I’ll be sleeping on the lazy deck chairs while my feet dips into the pool.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Hello Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Lobby entrance with nature elements.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Sneaking a view of the swimming pool from the lobby.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

My favorite spot in the entire hotel.


Take a look at the royal deluxe room. 

I’ve learned that there are different types of suites in Cambodia which includes a studio-like room, a space with its own living and dining area, or a four-poster room. The suite that I booked came with a King size bed, a sofa or sitting area at the foot of the bed and a very nice bathroom. At the corner of the room sits a vintage wooden desk.

My favorite part of the room has to be the balcony with its own seating area. It overlooks the dark blue swimming pool below and the Golden pagoda behind it. The French colonial building is just next door and I could see guest walking through the alley and onto the dining area deck.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

The spacious Royal Deluxe room.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

A hint of Cambodian arts adorn the walls.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Balcony goals!


Chilling out in and not thinking about work. 

Breakfast is complimentary and a range of Asian, western buffet lined up the restaurant counter. A hot cup of cappuccino in other hotels would have been charged separately, but here, it’s included in the buffet (brownie points to you Palace Gate).

It’s such a good place to unwind and relax, especially when you have the swimming pool to yourself. Guests can enjoy the pool or the massage station while the public will have to pay $5 per person for this facility. Since I’m not a gym person lately, I chose to stay here for the afternoon, doing a few laps and napping on the deck chairs.

I had a the opportunity to visit a building next door with a bamboo roof top bar in the making. It’ll be completed within the next few months according to Grace, the guest officer from the hotel. She brought me to the bamboo style rooms which had a more Cambodian feel to it. At the moment, no guests were staying in this part of the building due to renovation works. Nevertheless, the hotel will have it up and running by end of the year.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Breakfast and cappuccino on a Sunday.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Gorgeous vines creeping from the rooftop of Mealea dining area.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

So many nature elements around the hotel.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

The bamboo inspired room in the next building that is still under renovation.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

New gym facilities on the upper floor.


Excellent customer service.

From the reception officers to the servers in the restaurant, the Palace Gate Hotel team makes everyone feel at home. Most luxury hotels can be quite intimidating but here, I could walk around and use the facilities with ease.

During dinner at the Mealea Restaurant, Mr Veasna provided explanation on the Khmer traditional dishes. He served Nom Banh Chok which means Khmer traditional noodles with various chopped raw vegetables including waterlily stalks, banana flowers and green beans. The noodles were crispy and I could hear the soft crackling as I bit into it. The soft shell crab and fish amok were excellent too.

It was definitely one of the best dinners I’ve had in Phnom Penh.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

The Mealea fine dining restaurant from the swimming pool area.

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Inside Mealea Restaurant, such gorgeous interior!

Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh

Soft shell crab, fish amok and crispy noodle salad for dinner.


*I would like to thank Palace Gate Hotel Phnom Penh for the complimentary dinner arrangement during my stay here. The rest of the travel expenses including my hotel stay was booked through Agoda website. This is not in any way a sponsored post and every information stated in this article is based on my personal experience in the hotel. 

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