Hong Kong: Meetings, Eating & Muji

Eat & shopping time after all the meetings.

Today was a working day which meant meetings throughout the day which was quite good given the fact that we got to meet our colleagues from the Hong Kong office. By now we figured that it was definitely easier to hop on the MTR than take a cab because everywhere we tried, they seemed to say no.. that made us almost late for the meeting by the way. It wasn’t because of the language but rather the fact that they just “don’t go that way or this way”.

Right after the meeting we searched for food near the area and found this ta taan cheng restaurant which served great milk tea, french toast and pasta. Even though most of the buildings in Hong Kong do no have the heater system like Japan, this place managed to protect us from the cold wind as we grabbed a bite.

Didn’t make it to Ladies Market. 

In the evening we had to decide between going to the Ladies Market in Mongkok area or the Causeway Bay and in the end it was the latter because Paula mentioned that there were quite a few big shopping malls like Sogo and Times Square. The whole area is within walking distance and we went round and round to explore the streets and stumbled upon Uniqlo & Muji! Yeay! The items in Uniqlo were mostly the same as the ones in KL but the stuff in Muji is not available back home so I took some time to go through the stationary bit and then more time on the toiletries item and then back to stationary.

Heading to the Ladies Street for shopping and food.

Heading to the Ladies Street for shopping and food.

More desserts!

More desserts!

But we did go to Muji. 

By the time we came out of Muji it was getting darker and in time for dinner but since we were still full from the lunch + teatime earlier, we decided to continue walking until we saw this tong shui shop which served hot desserts. There were quite a lot to choose from and in the end I chose bean curd sheets with barley while Sue Anne chose the sweet egg or taan taan. I tried that it really tasted like you’re eating a soupy version of the egg except that it’s sweeter but I really preferred mine more in the end. Both of these cost us less than HKD$10 which was quite affordable.

This is me sipping the dessert happily while we shielded ourselves from the cold. From where we sat, we could see the trams covered in advertisements passing by outside and people hugging their bodies tight as they walked to their destinations. Even though I didn’t get to visit the main tourist spots but this day still ended well for me… because I got the sweet dessert! Probably if there’s more time tomorrow I could further explore the city but we’ll see how it goes.

Enjoying it like a local.

Enjoying it like a local.

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3 Responses to Hong Kong: Meetings, Eating & Muji

  1. Fie-Nuts says:

    Hehe. It was my first time here and I am so glad I got to rey the local dishes and also have a local guide to bring us there.

  2. I love that ta taan cheng restaurant , it has really very nice office staff, and also there recipe are also very delicious and testy.

  3. Mike says:

    I also love the delicious meal ☺☺☺

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