Ghosts in Penang: Bring Something Home.


Wherever I go for my travels, I’d normally make sure I bring something back for my family, close friends and colleagues. I’m not fancy or big on shopping in malls as I prefer to hit the street markets or vintage shops to find treasured goods. The only thing that I decided on bringing back from Penang were their famous biscuits, a magnet and snacks.

Chowrasta Wet Market.

Searching for this place was one big giant headache. I called a few friends back in KL because (A) I couldn’t remember what was the name of this market (B) A friend said it was behind Komtar building (C) When we couldn’t locate it, I called another friend who said it was near a hotel. In the end we asked someone for directions and it took us straight to the police station nearby the market. Well we finally made it that’s for sure.

I learned that the name Chowrasta means ‘four cross roads’ in Urdu and that’s probably because it’s located between Penang Road, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Jalan Chowrasta & Lebuh Tamil. I seldom visit the local wet market in KL yet I will come here to look for only one thing to bring back home that is the halal Tau Sap Pheah biscuits!

If you’re ever here, look for Pin Kuan Enterprise which is facing the main road. They have only two types which are pandan and original Tau Sap Pheah. I got both because it’s not easy to find the originial biscuits without any lard oil being used. There are also other things that you can buy from here such as vegetables, fruits, bean paste biscuits, preserved nutmeg, dried fruits, clothings and even accessories. You can try to bargain for a good price IF you intend on buying a lot from one shop.

Where: Jalan Penang Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

What time: Opens early & closes at 7pm
We mixed both pandan & original flavour to bring home with us.

We mixed both pandan & original flavour to bring home with us.

The biscuits are packed in such a way to make sure that they don't crush each other.

The biscuits are packed in such a way to make sure that they don’t crush each other.


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