Feeling Tall in the Miniature Park of Madurodam


Off to Madurodam by tram.

It was 2010 when my sister and I explored The Hague on our own while mum was at a conference. I remembered taking the tram together from the The Hague Central station, getting all excited at going to this miniature theme park called Madurodam which was 10 minutes away. The friendly locals were helpful and showed us which tram to take (number 8 or 9) so that we don’t end up in Rotterdam or other parts of Netherland. Besides the tram, there’s also options of taking the bus or driving ourselves there but since we’re just visiting, the tram was the best way to get there quickly and enjoy the view.

Feeling tall in a park of mini’s.

It was a weekday and it was quiet which means we can walk around the park without bumping into a gazillion other people. Hand in hand we walked towards the entrance, stopping to notice a structure of a man trying to plug a hole into a hilly grass. We later found out that this was Hansje Brinker, a boy who prevented a flood by putting his finger in a hole in the dyke.

The park was massive and each buildings resembled the actual version perfectly. We were also able to interact with the structures and obtain souvenirs by paying Euro 1 to get ourselves Mars chocolate or tiny clogs. It was just so adorable. We toured the VOC where old ships lined up in the canal just like they did 400 years ago. These ships would take along food with them to last for months hoping to gather treasures from distant lands. We watched the ships sail away from us, going under bridge and turning back to the dock. Near the ships was the Deltawerken where it used to an extremely dangerous stretch of sea. A dam was later created to avoid the flooding from the stormy seas which protects thousands of home.

My favourite part of the park was the miniature Schiphol Airport which is one of the largest and modern airports in the world. We flew into The Hague via this airport and found it to be similar in terms of look and feel. There were many miniatures airplanes such as KLM and Thai Airways moving about in the mini airport. They even made tiny cars placed in the parking lot outside of the airport. At this point, it started snowing (yay!) and we had to move quicker as it was getting colder.

The opera house, the fun fair, the railway station, the army barracks all had human figurines in its actual form in those places and it was fun to see. Most of the iconic structures had interesting stories and activities such as the Binnenhof which built according to a taxi driver, the Mauritshuis where you can play a beat the guard in the museum game or learn the Dutch anthem at the Prinsenhof. We were also fascinated by the canal houses, watch a burglar admiring the Dutch Masters at the Rijksmuseum, and listened to the crowd cheering “Orange Orange Orange!” at the miniature stadium. I felt so tall standing amongst them even though there were some buildings that was slightly taller than myself.

Homes by the canal in Amsterdam.

Homes by the canal in Amsterdam.

Miniature zoo with polar bears.

Miniature zoo with polar bears.

Mini figurines waiting for their train at the Hague Central Station.

Mini figurines waiting for their train at the Hague Central Station.

Mini-me in mini Madurodam.

Mini-me in mini Madurodam.

A theme park within a theme park.

A theme park within a theme park.

I can't recall the name of this theatre house but it's one of the many which can be found in The Hague.

I can’t recall the name of this theatre house but it’s one of the many which can be found in The Hague.


After that take a break.

There was a lot of walking around Madurodam and when it started to snow heavily, we rushed into the warm café to get ourselves hot cocoa drinks. The theme park is very patron friendly and even has kennels where owners can place their dogs while they walk around the park. The service is free too. It is also easily acceptable for people with disabilities as the walkways are mostly gently sloping paths. Baby prams are also available (Euro2 deposit) for parents who prefer to walk around the park at their convenience.

Watch the video of how we got our tiny clogs from the Klompenfabriek.


How to get there.

Address: Madurodam, George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, The Netherlands
Opening hours: Opens daily from 09:00 – 20:00 (ticket office closes at 19:00)
URL: www.madurodam.nl
How to get there: The Hague Central Station via tram 9 towards Scheveningen Noorderstrand or tram 8 towards Madurodam during rush hour.

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  1. iluvtour says:

    ohh ini best ni.. macam kat legolad la jga.. tapi lawa lagi kat sini kan.. huhuh http://iluvtour.com

  2. Khai says:

    It looks sooooooooooooooo beautiful. Have you been to the Legoland miniature park? I wonder if that is as cool as this. My only worry is if I fall on the miniature models. Haha

    • fienuts says:

      Haha Khai that’s kind of funny actually. I never thought of falling onto the miniature models but now that you’ve mentioned it. Hehe.
      If you meant the one in Johor, no I haven’t been to the Legoland miniature park.
      I know there’s also a miniature park off Jakarta. Wanted to go there but didn’t have enough time. I actually love miniature models.

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