An Expensive Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


An hour away from Bangkok city. 

One of the reasons why I came back to Bangkok is to visit a floating market which is popular in Thailand. We rented a car with Mr. Yo (again) as our driver who took us about an hour and a half out from Bangkok to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market jetty.

It was 9am when we left and we arrived about 10:30am. We took the time to look through the leaflet, deciding on which activity to go for the day. There was a monkey show, an elephant show, a coconut candy farm visit and a snake farmer show which we could choose. From there the owner will tell us the price of the tour inclusive of these activities.

Be prepared to pay a hefty price. 

Here’s the thing about tours, you can never tell what the actual price are for tourists until you get there. We thought that the ride would cost about RM100 per boat and were shocked when they told us the actual cost which was 8500b (that’s like RM800 yo!). This includes 2 shows and the 2 hour boat ride along the floating market.

With only  3 of us on the boat, we felt that the price was just too much.

We removed the 2 shows and went with only the boat ride, which was 4000b (RM400) in total. It was still expensive but since this was once in a lifetime experience, we went forward with it.



A look at a different way of life. 

The villagers in this area would rise early in the morning and get on their boat, to sell their goods for the day. Most of the items were vegetables, fruits, local snacks and souvenir items. Along the way, our long tailed boat would stop at the stalls and the sellers would entice us to purchase their items. These were expensive too as I learned that a small teabag of lemongrass cost us 300b. Since it goes back to the community, we didn’t mind bringing back one or two items like the spices or the tea.

The river was long and we passed a few boats selling mango sticky rice, coconut drinks and coconut ice cream. Once we reached the central market area, we saw people stopping their boats to visit the stalls inside. Those who were looking for a bite to eat will stop here for pad thai, soup, or fried rice which would be prepared from a boat.

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Be open to new experiences. 

Despite the price, we had the opportunity to see a different side of life here in Thailand. The locals work hard to earn a living even if it means selling items from their boats daily. We got to see their homes along the river which were decorated with green plants and colorful flower pots. Although we couldn’t try their food, we enjoyed the calm waters and the provincial view.


Location Map:

Here’s how to reach them:

Name:  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Address:  Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi, Thailand
City:  Ratchaburi
Access:  By car or train
Business Hours:  07:00-11:00
Fees:  4,000b per boat (fits 6-8 people)

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