Chinese Halal Seafood: Hj Sharin Chinese Muslim Restaurant

Eating Chinese Halal Seafood for dinner.

Once a week I have dinner with my parents and usually it’ll be somewhere new since my parents are the adventurous type when it comes to gourmet. My dad suggested that we try Hj Sharin Low Chinese Muslim Restaurant which is located at the Chinese Chambers building nearby Great Eastern Mall.

The restaurant occupies the ground floor with a hall right across from it. That night there was an Indian wedding reception going on and the hosts had thought that we came for them. Although I was tempted to say yes just for the sake of being naughty, I politely said no and told them we were there for dinner right across from them. Could it be any more muhibbah then this scenario? An Indian wedding in a Chinese Muslim restaurant which serves Chinese food that can be eaten by everyone. That is pretty unique!

An oriental feeling inside the restaurant. 

Everything from the outside definitely looked Chinese from the bright red door to the Chinese lanters as adornments. As soon as we stepped inside however, the crowd for the night were mostly Malays but it doesn’t mean that this place just caters for one type of audience ya. I love how the lanterns light up above our tables and the whole place feels so cosy with it’s timber wood pillars and arches. Feels like dining in a kampung house.

Since we were hungry, we opened up the menu which was pretty extensive, ranging from all ala carte to fried dishes. I didn’t know what to choose so I let my parents & sister order whatever they felt like eating. The ‘whatever’ turned out to be assam fish, fried brinjal (my favourite), butter prawns, tomyam soup and ayam masak merah. Overall the taste is just like the seafood restaurants you see except that it’s the Halal version (which we’re able to eat).

Any Chinese restaurants that caters to Muslim is a plus for me. I think it’s great if you have good food then it should be shared with everyone and not just certain people. I however understand how some dishes tastes better if certain ingredients are added and if it was replaced, it may taste slightly different. It’s okay, as long as there are options like these for us to try, I’m more than happy to eat it!

Pick a seat, any seat!

Pick a seat, any seat!

Butter fried prawns for the main.

Butter fried prawns for the main.

My favourite,the brinjal!

My favourite,the brinjal!

Assam Fish anyone?

Assam Fish anyone?

What’s on the menu?

Sorry for the shoddy photos, I didn’t use my camera for this one and just snapped using my Blackberry. I was too in a hurry to eat the food! These are some of the food they serve in their restaurant.

Loh Hon Zhai
Ikan Kerapu Stim
Tauhu Sos Ketam
Udang Telur Masin/Pasir Emas
Ayam Ying Yong
Daging Lada Hitam
Sotong Butter
Nasi Goreng Seafood

Ying Yong Kailan
Ikan Siakap Stim
Ayam Champion
Daging Hotplate
Udang Telur Masin
Tauhu Sos Ketam
Sotong Butter
Hoi Sin Kang Sup
Nasi Goreng Cina

Is your mouth watering already? :p

Hj Sharin Low Grand. No 1&3, Jalan Wangsa 5A, Bukit Antrabangsa, 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

What time:
Monday – Thursday : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday : 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Look out for this sign for the restaurant. You won't miss it!

Look out for this sign for the restaurant. You won’t miss it!


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    Why thanks Samual James.

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    I know. They know more places to eat compared to me! There's one more new place we went during his birthday that came out in TV3 Nona last Sunday. It was so sedap. I will post that one up soon!

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    pak uda and mak uda memang boleh join jadi host TV AFC…
    Asia Food Channel…

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