Bazaar Ramadan: Bangsar

Bangsar has also been one of my favourite spots for a good local food during the Ramadan month. It is also less congested compared to other Ramadan Bazaars that I have been to. Located just opposite the mosque, this area is quite hard to miss as you can catch a glimpse of it from the main road if you’re coming from Mid Valley or KL Sentral. The stalls here a lined up in two rows and have a good range of price from RM1 to RM25, which is still affordable especially with the huge serving they offer.

Roti Jala (RM3 for 1 set)

I am a very huge fan of roti jala since I was a kid as my mother used to teach us how to make it when were just kids. It’s fun to watch the seller pour the ingredients into a yellow ladle with four holes underneath, swirling it round and round until it becomes one piece of net-like crepe. Once the piece is ready, the seller would scrape it up and fold it into a triangle shape or roll it. This is the best stall for roti jala because of the generous portion of chicken or beef curry that is included together. I normally 2 sest (which equals to 6 pieces) to share with friends.

Swirly Roti Jala.

Swirly Roti Jala.

Tepung Pelita (Rm2 for 5 pieces)

Now some call this particular kuih ‘Tepung Pelita’ while there are some, like me, who calls this the ‘kuih Boat’ or ‘kuih sampan’, because of the way it’s presented. There are two parts to this, the coconut layer makes up the soft-creamy top part and usually tastes sweet with a hint of saltiness. It is steamed in a banana leaf ‘boat’ but you can make it in any type of vessel of your choice. The bottom part is made of pandan (screwpine) leaves and rice flour mixed together to make a thick texture (after boiling it). I used to like this a lot when I was a kid but as I grew older, I couldn’t really take the sweetness of it. However if you do like this, you can come and get it here in Bazaar Ramadan Bangsar.
It's not a banana boat, it's called 'kuih boat' or 'tepung pelita'.

It’s not a banana boat, it’s called ‘kuih boat’ or ‘tepung pelita’.

Mee Goreng (RM 2 per packet)

Yes it’s true, a pack of this ‘mee goreng’ or fried mee does cost RM2 in a very sizeable portion. This particular stall has 3 huge woks (kuali) filled with fried mee, fried meehun and fried kueh teow. I usually get the fried kueh teow as I try not to eat a lof of rice during the break of fast. The reason why I like it is because there’s no clams in it compared to the usual Penang char kueh teow versuion. Since the service is fast, we didn’t have to wait in a long queue for the food.

Fried mee anyone?

Fried mee anyone?


Ayam Percik (RM3 for 1 piece, RM5 for 2 pieces)

I still love ayam percik and the offered at this stall was the cheapest so far. I once bought an ayam percik for RM7, which was pretty steep and not as delicious. This one was definitely a good deal. This stall is always overlooked though because it’s located on the other end (near to the shop lots) and there’s no huge banner to attract consumers. The lady selling it was quite friendly and always calls out to us whenever we walk by. Since I’m always with friends when we come to the Bazaar Ramadhan, we always take the 2 pieces deal as it’s a good bargain.


Ayam percik for the soul.

Ikan Panggang (Grilled Fish), (RM 7 a piece and onwards)

The price of the fish depends on what fish you choose as there is an array of seafood as options. You would normally find this in a seafood restaurant but they decided to bring this to the streets and there was a quite a demand for it. All the fishes and calamaris’ were wrapped in banana leaves before they are grilled. The taste is really good especially since it comes with the spicy chillie and assam that everyone loves. This would be something different to have on a dinner table during break of fast.
I chose the stingray fish instead of the calamari.

I chose the stingray fish instead of the calamari.

Nasi Kerabu (RM 4, without additional side dishes)

I did mention before of my love for the Kelantanese dishes recently and frequenting this particular stall was proof of that. A lot of people preferred to come to this place because of the friendly woman who sells it. She is fair skinned and speaks in Kelantanese whenever we came to place our order. On top of the nasi kerabu and nasi dagang are the side dishes such as fried chicken, solok lada, curry chicken, rendang chicken, pajeri nenas and beef curry which you can choose to add onto the rice. Some people prefer to have just the rice while others like me would take on the solok lada and the curry chicken.

The solok lada goes very well with Nasi Kerabu.

The solok lada goes very well with Nasi Kerabu.

Ayam Golek (price starts from RM8 for half a chicken)

The reason why it’s called ‘ayam golek‘ is because it is placed int he oven and turned (gelek) to cook it. We were quite shocked to this huge thing filled with rows of brownish chicken all grilled over a hot fire underneath and ready to be sold. I thought it was Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken but it was not. This is more for the people who wants to have a whole chicken for family or group of friends for the break of fast. For us it was just too much and we really didn’t want to waste any food.

I feel like chicken tonight.

I feel like chicken tonight.

La-la (starting from RM8 onwards)

When I visited this stall and started taking a photo of the food here, the owner exclaimed excitedly for me to take a picture of them cooking the la-la (clams) and asked me to tag them on Facebook. The only thing is I had forgotten to ask for their Facebook identity in order to tag them. Anyways, this fried la-la is a favourite amongst the seafood lovers as it can be eaten as it is or together with rice. The large clams were cooked in a special sauce giving it a very fragrant smell. Too bad I don’t eat this though but my friends who bought it said it was quite good. They managed to finish the entire packet!

La-la in Bazaar Ramadan Bangsar

La-la in Bazaar Ramadan Bangsar

Where is it located:
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

How to get there:
If you know where Bangsar Village I & II are located, you would be able to spot this from the main road. It’s beside the mosque and in front of Bangsar food court area.

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