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Another FREE SEATS Promo!

My goodness, every time AirAsia sends me an email on a free seats promo, I’d get excited and scroll through the list of possible destinations. I remember taking advantage of this promo and booked tickets to Paris a few years ago when the route was still available. It definitely was one of the best travel journey I had with my friend which we labeled as “Two Girls In Paris.” The following year onwards, I’d look forward to this email or announcement in order to plan for the next 6 months.

This time AirAsia is offering another round of FREE SEATS which allows us to travel from 15 Feb – 31 Aug 2016. This wonderful news meant I could start looking for destinations within the AirAsia routes for next years’ travel list. Hooray for that!

Must-Do Festival for 2016.

Some travelers may have travel themes for the year and for 2016, I would like to embark on a destination with unique festival celebrations. Coming from a multicultural background, I’ve grown up with many auspicious festivals related to our grass-root culture and heritage. It made me more tolerant, patient and understanding of other cultures than my own.

There’s so many interesting cultures out there in other parts of the world that would give me chance to learn more about the people and their belief. My favorite part of traveling is not only sight-seeing but to experience a local culture or celebration as it brings me closer to the locals and their country. With the AirAsia Free Seats, I’d be able to see, hear and feel the popular festivals first hand and share them with my family and friends back home! It would feel as though they were there together with me.

So I choose the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. 

The lighted sky with bright lanterns. Photo by Jirka Matousek.

The lighted sky with bright lanterns. Photo by Jirka Matousek.

The Pingxi Sky Lantern happens every year during the much celebrated Chinese New Year celebrations in February. Although it’s celebrated in some parts of the world, the best place to see this auspicious festival is in Pingxi, a remote mountain town an hour-long drive from Taipei.

According to history, the Sky Lantern Festival took place more than 2,000 years ago during the Xing Dynasty. During this time there was a war that took place in the lowland villages, forcing them to take refuge up in the mountains. Village watchmen would later release these “fire balloons” as signals to tell the refugees that it was safe to come home.

Besides visiting and trying out the famous street food in Taipei, I would love to get my own lantern, scribble a wish for the new year and release it in the air together with 100,000 other lanterns. It would make for an epic view in the dark sky. I understand that I might get lost in the huge crowd but it will be worth the journey to experience this up close. It would also be a nice closing to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The booking starts now until 28 June 2015. 


If you’re looking forward to new travel destinations for 2016 like me, you can head on to AirAsia website and search for them. There’s 3 million promo seats available but you know they might be taken up quickly. I wish there were more Public Holidays for me to take on this promo! But I’ll be grateful and happy nevertheless should I be able to experience this amazing festival in Taiwan as it’ll be my very first trip to this beautiful country.


Which festival would you go to in 2016 with the AirAsia Free Seats Promo? 


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