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Getting away on a weekday.

I’m enjoying my long break in Malaysia, which included this road trip up Cameron Highlands with friends on a Wednesday. It was planned at the last minute and started at 6 o’clock in the morning. This meant getting up before the crack of dawn for a quick shower and then off when our friends picked us up.

You know you have your road trip covered when you hop into the car and see the following things:

  • Broccoli stuffed cushion
  • Japanese snacks ‘Edibee Real Fruit Chips’
  • Bottles of water
  • A USB drive with all sorts of music inside
  • Shoes hidden under the seats when you’re wearing slippers in the car

It definitely felt like the ultimate road trip, one that I miss doing when we’re here in Cambodia.


Trip Highlights.

Going all the way felt like forever just because we were awake really early. Well we did finally arrive (after a stop for breakfast and another stop for toilet break) in Ringlet close to 2 hours later. Greenhouses seem to sprout from the hillside to our left and right which made me think whether the hacking of soil for this purpose is good for the environment. This is why I don’t eat vegetables. (The actual reason or rather excuse will make your eyes bulge, so I decided to go with this instead).

We listed a couple of places to go to and added one along the way, as long as there was enough time to head back to KL for dinner with the family. Here’s where we went in summary, and based on references from other friends.


1. Mossy Forest, Brinchang

The forest is home to lush green moss that intertwines with the surrounding trees. We almost got lost searching for the starting point of this forest as we were going on a road so narrow that it could fit a one-way lane only. We prayed that we wouldn’t bump into a bus (because it would be chaotic to reverse down a swirly hill) or anything bigger than our car as we went uphill.

We parked right in front of the entrance and started walking on the 150m boardwalk, asking ourselves if there’s a fee to be paid ahead. There wasn’t. At this place, nature was free for everyone. The sky was bright and sunny; hence we did not see any mist to give a mysterious mossy effect. It was such a good walk up with nature, and reaching 2,000m above sea level to see the view of more green hills.

Follow the stairs to enter the Mossy Forest in Brinchang.

Follow the stairs to enter the Mossy Forest in Brinchang.


2. Boh Tea Plantation Café

Feeling hungry after the walk in Mossy Forest, we drove ourselves to the Boh Tea Plantation for brunch. All of us have done the tea factory tour at least once in our lifetime (and it was good too). We skipped this part and walked towards the glass house overlooking the tea farm below. If not for the construction, we could have walked among the tea bushes on the way to the café.

We ordered Boh tea and pastries to go along with the view from the glass window. It was a beautiful sea of green planted in waves on the hillside. Since there were no scones for the day, the chocolate cake and sandwiches will have to do. The tea was smooth and calming, especially since there are many flavors to choose from. Taking a break here before we continued our drive was a good idea.

Location: Sg Palas Tea Centre, Jalan Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang | Call: +605 496 2096 | Hours: Tuesday-Sunday (9:00am-4:30pm) |  

Sip hot tea while looking out to this view.

Sip hot tea while looking out to this view.


3. Kea Vegetable Farm

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m not a big fan of vegetables, but I still eat some of them for health reasons. I stay away from the dark, bitter ones and prefer the light green, reds, yellow and purple ones for my tummy. On the way to the strawberry farm, we made a quick stop here at Kea Vegetable Farm (because we had to balance out the desserts with greens).

It’s a large market space with stalls selling vegetables, fruits, and souvenirs. I had a bad experience buying a pack of strawberries here the last time (top layer was good, bottom layer was bad bad) so I went for a bunch of greens and corn for my family. Since my dad is into gardening, I got him a small chili plant for the balcony. Prices are good here if you know how to bargain.

I got this chili plant for my dad for only RM10 at Kea Vegetable Farm.

4. Raju’s Strawberry Farm

Cameron Highlands wouldn’t be complete without strawberries and this was the main reason for the drive here. We chose Raju’s which was just before Kea Vegetable Farm, on a steep hill. We drove up and parked right in front, eating our corns with the cold wind slapping our face.

Picking the strawberries cost RM30 for ½ kg weight. We were given scissors and a basket to fill our selected pieces. The gatekeeper brought us into the garden and we started walking along rows and rows of strawberries, eyeing on the biggest, juiciest-looking ones. I think we plucked just over ½ kg (around RM40) with added layer of chocolate sauce. I bought 4 packs of strawberries to bring home and we got 2 mini packs free of charge! We sort of overdosed on strawberries and told ourselves that we could only eat them again in the next 6 months-a years’ time.

Location: 42nd Miles, Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands, Pahang | Call: +6019 575 3867 | Hours: Daily (8:30am-6:30pm) | Fees: RM30 (strawberry picking)

Pick your own strawberries in Raju's Strawberry Farm.

Pick your own strawberries in Raju’s Strawberry Farm.


5. Cameron Lavender

I must confess that purple is my favorite color and the sea of plush-looking flowers excites me. I could jump in them, swim freestyle, lie down, sleep in a sea of purple. On our way down from Cameron Highlands, we stopped by the Cameron Lavender to see the beautiful flowers that could usually be found in a European country. These lavenders have bloomed nicely here in the highlands, turning them into aromatic teas.

There were 3 types of lavenders growing in the farm, from China, Holland and Hokkaido. We continued uphill to the flower garden where we were allowed to pick flowers for a small fee. There were so many colors to choose from and it all looked so pretty. If you love flowers then this would a nice last pit stop before heading back to the city.

Location: Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, Pahang | Call: +605 496 1208 | Hours: Monday-Thursday (9:00am-6:00pm), Friday-Sunday (9:00am-7:00pm) | Fees: RM8 (adult), RM5 (children) | Web: 

A field of lavender flowers in Cameron Highlands.

A field of lavender flowers in Cameron Highlands.


Location Map:

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