3 Reliable Apps You Can Use For Road Trips

Maps are reliable when you’re on the road but if you need to drive and search at the same time, I would suggest to go for reliable apps that can make your journey smoother throughout any road trips. It also makes discovery more than just a discovery as you rely on word of mouth which can lead you to places you’ve never expected or explored before. So here’s my list of favourite apps that I used for road trips that helps me find my way to new places.

“Nothing can beat real people working together” – Waze

Waze helps me find my way!

Waze helps me find my way!

Waze is truly one of the best things that ever happened to someone who oftens get lost on the road like me. Before I met Waze, I had to rely on directions by family or friends, jotting them down in a notepad and following it until I reached my destination. Sometimes when I take a wrong turn, I have to stop at the roadside and make a call just to confirm the way. Waze makes driving more convenient as it not only highlights traffic jams but also advises you on the shortest route to a place. At times there were incidents when this app took me to the wrong place, perhaps because it couldn’t recognize the address or the upgraded roads, but there’s also a tab where you can click on ‘Other Search Engines’ and let it search via Foursquare or Google which is quite accurate. You can also choose your own mobile avatar and send a ‘honk’ or a ‘Hello’ to friends if you happen to see them online. 

“Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends.” – Foursquare

Search for the nearest food, arts or even historical buildings with Foursquare.

Search for the nearest food, arts or even historical buildings with Foursquare.

Normally I use Foursquare to check-in to places I have visited and to also collect the badges as  rewards. The badges somehow emphasizes how many times you’ve been to a place and how many new places you’ve discovered. I’ve recently learned that this app can be utilized much more than just a ‘check in’ and share as you can also use it to search for ‘discounts or freebies nearby’, ‘best nearby’, and my favourite ‘recently opened’ which means I get to visit the latest cape spots around town before anyone else does. You could also key in certain words like ‘Arts’ or ‘Graffitti’ and see where it leads you to which I find rather interesting because it could turn out to be anything, for example an amazing wall in the middle of a village or a huge installation art piece at the corner of a cafe. Random key words lead you to random places with secretive finds.

“Plan your perfect trip, wherever you are.” – TripAdvisor 

Read the reviews and plan your trip with Tripadvisor.

Read the reviews and plan your trip with Tripadvisor.

Planning a trip is easy when using TripAdvisor which is no doubt a favourite amongst travellers. Famous for its’ reviews by travellers, you could read through the pros and cons of a place followed by when it was reviewed, before you make a decision on which accommodations would be the best for your needs. I tend to look out for the Top 10 best hotels or best restaurants as reviewed by travellers which makes it easy to shortlist for my trips. A few factors can be used to select a travel location such as distance from public transportation systems, cleanliness, service provided and free WiFi. Yes it’s important to know whether free WiFi is available in the hotels for the social media addicts. You could also earn points when posting up reviews and be one of the Senior Contributors for the sight. The insights can be quite influential to the selections and decisions you make.

Were these apps useful? What other apps do you use for your road trips?

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