3 Jaw Dropping Locations for Luxury on the Beach



Cyprus is a holiday favorite amongst travelers thanks to its sun kissed beaches, ancient sites and pulsating nightlife. It attracts everyone from families to clubbers and backpackers. Gorgeous golden beaches and rugged coastlines meet forest-clad mountains and hills while traditional villages with winding streets and manicured vineyards and olive groves sit in delightful contrast.

It is rich in history and once home to the goddess of love Aphrodite yet retains a timeless appeal magnified by the local hospitality and charm of the Cypriots. It is the perfect destination for a luxury beach holiday in the posh beach resorts.

Some of the best beach holiday destinations include the lively Ayia Napa, the Nissi and Protaras beaches flanked by limestone cliffs and adorned by tilting palm trees. Cyprus offers numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, surfing, horse riding and sailing. It offers more than a holiday along the beaches.


India is a vast country with an interesting blend of cultures, diverse landscapes, iconic monuments and incredibly scenic beaches, which offer everything from solitude to action. Forget about the beaches in Rio and Ibiza, the beaches in India are where the action is happening.

In the past, India was just but a cheap holiday destination, however, it is now becoming for its luxury hotels in strategic locations (find them at http://greavesindia.co.uk/). Fabulous hotels dot the coastline and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

India boasts of a lengthy coastline, which offers beautiful sandy beaches ideal for activities such as snorkeling, surfing, water skiing and sailing. Visitors can enjoy relaxing along the beaches or party until dawn in the action packed beaches.

Some of the best luxury beach destinations in India include Goa, Andaman Islands and Kerala. Whether looking for quiet or action, India delivers more than just a beach holiday.




Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Italy boasts of a lengthy and varied coastline displaying Italian villages, historic towns, fishing ports, fabulous beaches and rugged cliffs that will make your jaws drop. Aside from its coastline, Italy boasts of stunning offshore islands ideal for seaside holidays.

The Amalfi coast is perhaps the most beautiful and famous stretch of mountainous coastline south of Naples in Campania. It is dotted with pastel colored villages clinging giddily to the cliffs, fine resorts and a generous selection of restaurants, bars and boutiques frequented by celebrities. Positano and Ravello are famous destinations along the Amalfi coast.

Cinque Terre means ‘five lands’ and consists of five perilously perched villages strung along a short stretch of the soaring cliffs in Liguria at the top left of Italy’s boot. Though visited immensely by hikers and backpackers, its natural beauty and shabby ‘authentic’ charm of the fishing villages remain unfretted.

For a beach holiday in an island, Ischia is the ideal destination. It is an island of volcanic origins and boasts of sandy beaches, mountains, thermal springs and spa complexes. Italy offers endless opportunities for luxury beach holidays and it is no wonder visitors never cease to this part of the planet.



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