#10DBC [Day 7] – Beating Procrastination & Overwhelm


The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is about taking small actions and moving forward on a path that to building the momentum towards living life on my own terms. In other words, a more focused path, taking small steps toward a bigger goal.

In the sixth day post, I wrote about my inspiration idols whom I look up to for motivation, ideas and guidance in making this travel blog better. It also made me realize how important relationships & networking are in reaching my goals in life. “Read #10DBC [Day6] – Finding Your Tribe “.


Taking an imperfect action and make it better. 

I’m happy to note the things that have kept me from progressing forward smoothly. The need to being perfect and overthinking tend to make things complicated, hence the feeling of being overwhelmed. Since this challenge is about creating a lifestyle that’s worry free, for me, and something that I love, I will continue to do the one thing that I have started from beginning.

1. Continuing to blog better. 

I’ve had friends telling me that being here in Cambodia is a blessing in disguise as I am able to soak in the local sightings and probably turn it into a book some day. If I continue writing a blog post every single day from now onwards, I’d be able to get my brain thinking about the thing I love most which is traveling. It’ll help me unstrap my mind over thoughts of not being able to go on an adventure to a new country. However, do to the current state of my job, I will commit to writing 200 words of blog posting for 3 days a week. If I can keep this consistent for a month, I’ll continue writing and upgrading it to daily posts.



2. Continuing to write in my travel journal. 

I find that writing down what I’ve seen, people I’ve met, food I’ve tasted, in my travel journal helps in keeping this passion alive. Even though the daily routines are the same, the experiences are not. I see different things each day even though I take the same route to work, have lunch nearby, work and then back home. One day when I’m back in Malaysia and go through the daily jottings, I’ll be able to relive those moments through the memories. So yes, I will take this on every single day as part of the freedom exercise.



What’s Next?

Being imperfect is okay and it doesn’t mean that we failed. At least we could manage the procrastination and overwhelming feeling by breaking down the daily tasks and complete it daily. It beats doing things half way and then forgetting about it. From this post I learn to cut down on activities that takes up a lot of time and focusing on what matters.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7


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