#10DBC [Day 5] – Setting Yourself Up for Success


The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is about taking small actions and moving forward on a path that to building the momentum towards living life on my own terms. In other words, a more focused path, taking small steps toward a bigger goal.

In the forth day post, I wrote about unlocking my super powers which included problem solving, creative spark & adaptability.“Read #10DBC [Day4] – Unlocking your Super Powers” . That’s why this blog is called Travel Chameleon in a way.

The next challenge for Day 5 is about setting yourself up for success and realizing whats my MIA (most important actions) for the day. It’s time I discipline myself and work around things that make me happy and progress. The feeling of being stuck and not moving forward just irks me and this is one of the reasons why I tend to want to do many things at one go, but ending up only doing bits and pieces of things instead of focusing and excelling in one thing at a time. (Must exercise loads of patience).

Therefore to set myself up for success, I have decided to make the following tiny changes and stick with it, for better or for worse!


One Hour Learning Session

There’s so many new information, update, gadgets, social media terms, news that it overwhelms me at one point. Mainly because I am so used to Cambodia’s way of life which is mostly relaxing and laid back. To make the most of my time, I’d like to continue dedicating an hour of learning session in the morning from 5am-6am. It will start with obtaining the Google certification. Once I complete this, I will move on to other lessons. Not being able to learn other things until one is complete, is a good motivation factor to do things consistently.

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No Distractions While Working.

I am guilty of switching on many tabs on Google Chrome and this leads to slower production time to complete a task. Moving forward, I will dedicate 2 hour of my time for my online life (blogging, content planning) while the rest of the day (830am-630pm) will be focused on work life. For both things to happen, there will be no switching tabs to check on Facebook, Instagram, clicking on one story and then clicking to another video. Nope. The quicker I finish the tasks, the easier for me to move on to something else.

Natallie mentioned the Pomodoro technique which is breaking down your tasks to 25 minutes of focus time. After each 25 minutes, take a break, walk around, pat a cat and then continue again, avoiding distractions at all cost. I should definitely try this method!


Meet 3 new friends/people. 

Since I am such an introvert when it comes to meeting new people for networking purposes, this would be a good challenge to improve my skills. It also gives me the opportunity to present myself and what I do to the world. Word-of-mouth is important as it gives people trustability and confidence in the things that we do. Honestly I don’t mind this at all because in this line, we do need to connect to people for emotional and humanize purposes.



What’s Next?

This was a good exercise as I’ve come to realize what holds more priority and how I can still balance my work and have a life. While waiting for the next challenge, I’ve realized that these challenges require baby steps. Since I’m always looking forward to new things, this would be a good exercise to improve the way I blog among other things.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5


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