#10DBC [Day 10] – Celebrating Freedom


The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge.

The 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge is about taking small actions and moving forward on a path that to building the momentum towards living life on my own terms. In other words, a more focused path, taking small steps toward a bigger goal.

In the ninth day post, I wrote about being location independent and what I’d do if I had this opportunity. “Read #10DBC [Day 9] – Location Independence “. This entire 10-days program was a big commitment and I did have a difficult time following the schedule but it’s done. Today I’m celebrating freedom.

Today is the 10th day of the Freedom Plan Blog Challenge and I’m ready to take on the next step in creating a balance between work and life. Here’s a recap of what I loved the most about the challenge and the takeaway from the posts I did.

What I enjoyed most about my experience of taking part in the blog challenge.

I enjoyed writing and through this blog challenge, I went back into jotting my journal daily,  taking notes on ideas for this blog. It made me more discipline and accountable for what I do on a daily basis. I didn’t feel pressure or stressed about the deadline (which was daily postings) as I took 25 minutes a day to complete it.

My favorite challenge day and why.

Out of the 10 challenges, I loved Day 3 – Creating a vision for the future because I believe in vision boards and how it will unconsciously move me toward a lifestyle I’m happy with. I am already imagining myself starting the day doing one self improvement item, and yoga which means taking care of both my mental as well as physical well-being even before the office work begins. I’ll continue to improve my vision board as the months go by so that I can track my goals and achieve them.



The biggest takeaway I’ve had from it.

Admitting my flaws was the biggest takeaway I got from this challenge because it’s what stops me from what I want to do in life. I love traveling so much that I am willing to work around it, to make it happen more often. This coupled with writing brings me so much joy and happiness.

The next step I’m going to take to make my freedom plan a reality.

Achieving my financial goal is the next big step towards making everything else happen. This will take some form of sacrifice and hard work but once it goes through, I’ll be able to work on the rest of plan in mind. For now, I’ll be sticking to this and do online work to monetize this blog (get side income) so that I will be able to work anywhere around the world on my own time.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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